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1,000 Dockwa Marina Partners

We rang in the new year by welcoming our 1,000th marina partner!


By: Becky at Dockwa

2019 Boaters' Choice Marinas

Dockwa is proud to support the Marinas.com 2019 Boaters' Choice Marinas!


By: Katharine Kirk

4 Ways Dockwa Makes Your Boaters' Lives (and Your Job) Easier

Our goal of growing boating has motivated us to develop tools that make both the lives of boaters and the jobs of marina staff easier.

By: Katharine Kirk

What Boaters Want in Marina Bathrooms and Showers

Is your marina's bathroom a disaster or a cruiser's dream come true? Check these best practices and budget upgrades to take your facilities to gross to great.

Topics: Marina Operations,

By: Becky at Dockwa

Economic Impact of Harbors on Town Revenue and Local Business Revenue

If you're a local resident or business owner in a town that has a harbor, your town and local businesses may have missed revenue potential.

Topics: Marina Marketing

By: Becky at Dockwa

Dockwa at Four: Mapping Our Journey

When we started in 2015, Dockwa was little more than an idea between friends...four years later, we are ready to transform the marine industry.

By: Mike Mellilo

Dockwa Goes Dry (Storage)!

Marinas, yacht clubs, and boat yards using Dockwa's free marina management software can now manage dry storage!

By: Katharine Kirk

Marina Tech: 5 Ways to Keep Your Marina Passwords Secure

The top five password tips from Dockwa CTO and resident IT security expert John Nagro.


By: Becky at Dockwa