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A Marina's Guide to Backfilling

A guide to backfilling vacancies and increasing your marina's occupancy rate.

Topics: Marina Operations

By: Team Dockwa

A Guide to Selling Your Marina

A guide for what to think about as you consider selling your marina, including frameworks for how to understand and increase its value and sale price.

Topics: Marina Operations

By: Meghan Keaney Anderson

Marina Metrics You Should Track Monthly

An exhaustive list of the most important marina metrics for marina operators and owners.

Topics: Marina Operations

By: Adrian Mott

How to Measure a Marina's Average Daily Rate

The definition of Marina Occupancy Rate and how to calculate it.

Topics: Marina Operations

By: Meghan Keaney Anderson

Knowing Your Marina's Value in an Age of Institutional Investors

How to use marina benchmarks including occupancy, ADR, RevPALF and compsets of similar marinas to understand your property's value.

Topics: Marina Operations

By: Mike Melillo

Marina Cybersecurity: Getting Started

Part 1 of our cybersecurity series kicks off with a quick list of resources that can help you mitigate cybersecurity threats ASAP. 

Topics: Marina Operations

By: Becky at Dockwa

Webinar: Optimizing Your Marina for Occupancy

Watch the recording of our webinar on how to assess your marina's occupancy and spot opportunities for improvement.

Topics: Marina Operations, Marina Marketing

By: Katharine Kirk

Three Ways Dockwa Helps You Reduce Paperwork

We built tools, catered specifically to the marina industry, to help you spend less time on paperwork and more time doing what you want!

Topics: Marina Operations,

By: Katharine Kirk