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Dockwa Supports Cash and Check Payments

Marinas using Dockwa's free marina management software – whether for transient reservations, long-term dockage, or both – can now process payments in credit, cash, and check.

By: Katharine Kirk

Announcing: Boater Contract Management with Dockwa

With Dockwa's new contract management tool, marinas can easily create personalized contracts with custom rates, send contracts to to customers and monitor contract completion, allow boaters to sign and pay electronically. Keep your contracts secure and save dozens of man hours with Dockwa Contracts.

By: Katharine Kirk

2018 Boaters' Choice Marinas

Dockwa is proud to support the Marinas.com 2018 Boaters' Choice Marinas!


By: Katharine Kirk

Marinas Are Using Dockwa Boat Charges in 3 Major Ways

If you're wondering whether you should use Boat Charges at your own marina, take a look at how your industry colleagues are already putting the feature to work - you may be inspired!

Topics: Marina Operations

By: Katharine Kirk

Never Miss a Dockage Request with an Online Booking Form

35% of dockage requests are made after business hours. Capture these often-missed requests with an online booking tool on your marina's website.

By: Katharine Kirk

3 Ways Marinas Can Approach "First-Come, First-Served" With Dockwa

We know not all marinas are alike and not all marinas are run best on a reservation-only system. Here's how three first-come, first-served marinas are now using Dockwa to capture new boaters and streamline reservation management.

By: Katharine Kirk

Your Marina's Voicemail Greeting Is More Important Than You Think. Here's Why.

Updating your marina's voicemail greeting is a quick exercise that will help ensure no reservation request is left behind.

By: Katharine Kirk

The Best Starting Point for Optimizing Your Marina's Marketing Funnel

Optimizing your marina's marketing funnel can seem like a daunting task. We show you where, and how, to start.

By: Katharine Kirk