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Your Marina's Voicemail Greeting Is More Important Than You Think. Here's Why.

Updating your marina's voicemail greeting is a quick exercise that will help ensure no reservation request is left behind.

By: Katharine Kirk

The Best Starting Point for Optimizing Your Marina's Marketing Funnel

Optimizing your marina's marketing funnel can seem like a daunting task. We show you where, and how, to start.

By: Katharine Kirk

Social Media Basics: 7 Things Marinas Get Wrong

Social media sites give you a lot of free tools to work with. Here are some easy wins to help you grow your business.

Topics: Marina Marketing

By: Becky at Dockwa

Why Reducing Your Customer Response Time Should Be A Top Priority at Your Marina

Reducing the time it takes to respond to a boater's reservation request will build boater trust and ultimately expand your business. Here's why.

Topics: Marina Operations, Customer Success

By: Katharine Kirk

4 Creative Promotion Strategies to Attract New Boaters

Offering discounts on dockage and fuel is great, but try these four new ways to attract and engage boaters with competitive prices and creative marketing.

By: Katharine Kirk

2017 Boaters' Choice Marinas

Dockwa is proud to support the Marinas.com 2017 Boaters' Choice Marinas!


By: Katharine Kirk

Announcing the 2017 Boaters' Choice Marinas

Read what Dockwa has to say about the 2017 Boater's Choice marinas.


By: Katharine Kirk

6 Things Boaters Wish Marinas Knew About Booking Travel

Read what boaters think marinas should know about their trip planning process.

Topics: Customer Success,

By: Katharine Kirk