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A Guide to Selling Your Marina

A guide for what to think about as you consider selling your marina, including frameworks for how to understand and increase its value and sale price.

Topics: Marina Operations

By: Meghan Keaney Anderson

Marina Metrics You Should Track Monthly

An exhaustive list of the most important marina metrics for marina operators and owners.

Topics: Marina Operations

By: Adrian Mott

Product Update: Gas and Diesel move to Top-Line Income Categories

Marina managers, dock staff, and accountants will save even more time with Gas and Diesel charge categories.


By: Becky at Dockwa

How to Measure a Marina's Average Daily Rate

The definition of Marina Occupancy Rate and how to calculate it.

Topics: Marina Operations

By: Meghan Keaney Anderson

How to Measure Marina RevPLF

The definition of revenue per linear foot and how to calculate it for marinas.

By: Meghan Keaney Anderson

How to Measure a Marina’s Occupancy Rate

The definition of marina occupancy rate and how to calculate it.

By: Meghan Keaney Anderson

Marinas can now attach recurring charges to Dockwa reservations

The Dockwa Marina Management Platform now makes adding recurring charges to a reservation easy.

By: Meghan Keaney Anderson

Knowing Your Marina's Value in an Age of Institutional Investors

How to use marina benchmarks including occupancy, ADR, RevPALF and compsets of similar marinas to understand your property's value.

Topics: Marina Operations

By: Mike Mellilo