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Find new seasonal and annual customers with the Dockwa Long-Term Marketplace

We facilitate the connection between boaters researching seasonal/annual dockage and marinas looking for new long-term customers. Here's how it works.


By: Katharine Kirk

Marina automated payment collection: How to get paid during COVID-19

With the country spending life at home, you may be worrying about how to collect boater payments while keeping yourself and your boaters safe. We can help.

By: Katharine Kirk

Managing your marina while practicing social distancing

We share our checklist for keeping you business going while you help keep yourself and others safe.

By: Katharine Kirk

Three Ways Dockwa Helps You Reduce Paperwork

We built tools, catered specifically to the marina industry, to help you spend less time on paperwork and more time doing what you want!

Topics: Marina Operations,

By: Katharine Kirk

3 Reasons Why You Should Absolutely Run a Dockwa Deal at Your Marina

Marinas are using Dockwa Deals to earn more during shoulder seasons, sell out dockage early in the season, and generate excitement around special events.

By: Katharine Kirk

How to use reviews to bolster boater relationships, grow your business

Marina reviews are one of the most influential mechanisms you have to strengthen relationships with existing customers and attract new customers.

By: Katharine Kirk

2019 Boaters' Choice Marinas

Dockwa is proud to support the Marinas.com 2019 Boaters' Choice Marinas!


By: Katharine Kirk

4 Ways Dockwa Makes Your Boaters' Lives (and Your Job) Easier

Our goal of growing boating has motivated us to develop tools that make both the lives of boaters and the jobs of marina staff easier.

By: Katharine Kirk