Product Update: Apply date-ranged & percent-based fees & discounts in long-term reservations

Post by - Published on 04/29/20 16:45 PM

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If you're using Dockwa's Contracts tool to ditch paperwork and auto-collect payment, you may be happy to learn that we've updated your toolset to enable:

  1. Time-boxed line items on long-term reservations. That includes things like:
    • Discounts
    • Electric fees
    • Environmental fees
  2. Percentage-based discounts and fees to long-term reservations. Until now, discounts and fees were dollar-based only. 

Why we made these updates

We wanted to add more flexibility for our marina partners that bill customers monthly. Previously, if you added a discount/fee to a monthly billing reservation, the discount/fee would be applied to all the months in the past (causing refunds) and in the future. 

  • Time-boxing line items lets you add discounts or fees for any monthly time frame. 
  • Adding percentage calculations for these line items also means marina staff no longer need to "do the math" to find the dollar-value of a percentage-based discounts/fees.

How to use these updates

  • Give a boater a discount (for one month or multiple) for things like:
    • Pandemic relief
    • Boat damage caused by the marina
    • Moving their boat to a different slip for a time period
    • Moving their boat out of the marina due to a boat show, event, etc
    • Marketing "buy X, get X months free" deals
  • Add a fee (for one month or multiple) for things like renting out a boat as an Airbnb, or variable electric use. For example:
    • Some marinas charge boaters more in the summer for electric, when boaters are running AC
    • Some boaters change their electric type midway through their contract  
  • Add to a boater's bill percentage-based:
    • Environmental fees
    • Credit card processing fees 


Marina operators have the capability to edit recurring bills as needed, adding discounts or fees, for any time period - whether in the past or the future. 

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