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Webinar: Optimizing Your Marina for Occupancy

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Thank you to everyone who joined us May 14 for our first webinar on Optimizing Your Marina for Occupancy this Summer. 

Here, we've added:

  • Key takeaways
  • The webinar recording
  • The webinar presentation

Remember: Whether you are a Dockwa partner or not, we are here to help you find success this season, so please reach out at any time for help with assessing your occupancy.

Help Me Run an Occpuancy Report

How to Optimize Your Marina for Occupancy:

1. Collect the data points needed to build your occupancy report by exporting your Dockwa Reservation reportIsolate your customer:

  • Arrival and Departure dates
  • LOA
  • Rate
  • Slip/mooring assignment (if possible)

2. Analyze the makeup of your occupancy throughout the season. That means taking a look at your:

  • Demand windows (where does occupancy peak and dip throughout the season?)
  • Vessel makeup (what type of boats are in your marina and when?)

To make this analysis tangible, we recommend picking 3 time periods in your season to focus on. When you've isolated these three periods, identify in each:

  • "Off-peak" windows where you'll want to increase demand for your marina
  • Vessel types to target during each off-peak window

3a. Adapt your operation to seize opportunities for improvement in operational coordination.

Your occupancy report does more than help you spot opportunities to increase demand for your marina. It also indicates where you might want to adjust staffing needs and supply deliveries/quantities. Consider:

  1. A successful Summer 2020 operation will require extra diligence in sanitation. That means extra staff and supplies needed to clean facilities, especially on peak days.
  2. With major summer events like Fourth of July fireworks being cancelled, be sure to compare this year's occupancy report to last's. You may spot opportunities to reduce staff headcount during periods when your marina won't need as many hands on deck as years past. 
3b. Adapt your operation to seize opportunities for improvement in marina occupancy.
There are four components to how demand at your marina is structured:
  1. Pricing - How much do you charge for whom?
  2. Policies - What LOAs do you/do you not accept? What reciprocity rules do you have in place?
  3. Program - How is your marina laid out? 
  4. Plan - What events are going on at your marina this summer? 
Each component of demand can be manipulated to meet your marina's need for building occupancy. Join us on Thursday, May 28th, when we'll take a closer look at each approach.

Webinar Recording | Download Presentation Deck




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Katharine Kirk

By: Katharine Kirk

Published on 5/15/20 10:48 AM