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Why Reducing Your Customer Response Time Should Be A Top Priority at Your Marina

Reducing the time it takes to respond to a boater's reservation request will build boater trust and ultimately expand your business. Here's why.

Topics: Marina Operations, Customer Success

By: Katharine Kirk

6 Things Boaters Wish Marinas Knew About Booking Travel

Read what boaters think marinas should know about their trip planning process.

Topics: Customer Success,

By: Katharine Kirk

Dockwa can now completely manage your docks (not just your transients)

The new dockmaster side of the mobile app provides a valuable "dockwalk" functionality that will allow your staff to check slips and assign boats from a phone.

Topics: Customer Success

By: Adrian Mott

The Personal Touch: Why it Matters and How Technology Can Help Your Marina

The need for marine businesses to differentiate themselves from competitors has never been more important.

Topics: Customer Success

By: Dan DeGeorge

Marinas.com joins the Dockwa family: What it means for Marinas

Dockwa is pleased to announce our acquisition of Marinas.com. Read Dockwa CEO Mike Melillo's message to marinas.

Topics: Customer Success

By: Mike Melillo

Dockwa Case Study: How Edgartown Harbor Increased their Revenue by 25%

Since coming aboard last May, Edgartown has increased transient reservations, drastically reduced office work, and made the booking process easier and faster.

Topics: Customer Success

By: Adrian Mott

Topping off the Tanks! Dockwa Raises $2 Million in Funding

We're excited to announce our latest round of fundraising!

Topics: Customer Success

By: Becky at Dockwa

Creating Great Marina Customer Service: Automated Reservation and Email Communication

Automate your marina operations through customer communications, including reservations on your website and email communications to your customers.

Topics: Marina Marketing, Customer Success

By: Adrian Mott