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Knowing Your Marina's Value in an Age of Institutional Investors

How to use marina benchmarks including occupancy, ADR, RevPALF and compsets of similar marinas to understand your property's value.

Topics: Marina Operations

By: Mike Mellilo

A letter to our marina partners

After closing some new funding, we want to share with you how we will use this capital to expand the Dockwa platform.


By: Mike Mellilo

Dockwa at Four: Mapping Our Journey

When we started in 2015, Dockwa was little more than an idea between friends...four years later, we are ready to transform the marine industry.

By: Mike Mellilo

Marinas.com joins the Dockwa family: What it means for Marinas

Dockwa is pleased to announce our acquisition of Marinas.com. Read Dockwa CEO Mike Melillo's message to marinas.

Topics: Customer Success

By: Mike Mellilo