2019 in Review: The Top 10 Dockwa Boater Blog Posts

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As we're wrapping up our year here at Dockwa HQ, we're taking a look back to see what boaters liked best. From boating terminology and docking tips to shore power know-how and marina neighbor etiquette, check out your favorite posts in 2019! 


10. How to Tick off Your Marina Neighbors

2019 was a great year for asking our boaters and marina teams to weigh in on the Dockwa blog. How to Tick Off Your Marina Neighbors was the result of a few healthy vent sessions on our Facebook Page, chatter in our Facebook Group, boaters DMing me, and folks emailing in even after the post went live. 


9. Shore Power Pedestals: Why They Trip, Wiring Diagrams, and Troubleshooting Tips 

Another post that came from a bit of crowdsourcing – this time as the result of a few of our marina teams writing in asking for help relaying the truth about shore power to their (and our) boaters. 


8. How to Dock a Boat: 7 Boat Handling Tips from a Former Dock Hand

We LOVE that this post, LOA (#7, below), and Boating Terminology all made the top 10, as it means we're helping new boaters get their bearings and/or writing posts that help advanced boaters rope in new crew. 


7. Why LOA Matters (So be honest!)

From fairway considerations to linear dockage, it seems some folks needed a reminder as to why it makes marina managers nuts when you fudge your numbers. Don't get blackballed from a marina – get your LOA right from the get-go. 


6. AICW Bridge Guide

We love the ICW, but that doesn't mean its bridges aren't a total PITA sometimes. A ton of boaters found this quick guide to bridge heights a great addition to their ICW cruise planning tools. (Want to see it updated in 2020? Comment on this Facebook post to ask my awesome boss Adrian what the holdup is. :)


5. Where to Watch 4th of July Fireworks by Boat

Like most things in life, holidays are better on a boat! July 4th is no exception: our annual update helps boaters ensure they max out the patriotic sparkle and sizzle in their summers. 


4. Figawi's Origin Story 

Dockwa's roots are in New England, so it's only fair that the history of the Northeast's infamous sailing weekend pique our readers' interest year after year. Nearly making the top 10 right alongside it, our annual Figawi Cheat Sheet


3. Boating Terminology: Parts of a Boat and Common Phrases to know as a First-Time Cruising Guest 

Another fun one to write! And hopefully fun to read, as it's sprinkled with salt and cuts to the chase in our attempt to proactively address some of the "No dumb questions" you or your guests may have during their first time out. Click here to like and share on Facebook


2. Crossing the Gulf Stream: How to Boat from Florida to the Bahamas

We have quite a number of aspiring snowbirds in the Dockwa Boater Blog audience! From when to go to what to pack, this handy guide will have even the newest of warm-weather newbs Bahamas-bound in no time. 


1. Boat Names: Twelve Tacks to Take When Naming Your Boat

Is it the boating lore? The snark? The names themselves? Whatever it is, Dockwa boaters love this tongue-in-cheek post about naming your boat, as well as our Spring 2019 Best Boat Names winners. 


Hit the wayback machine: click here to see the best blog posts of 2018, including the Best Hurricane Holes in the Chesapeake, Carolinas, and Florida, America's Cup History with Matthew Modine, and the Top 40 Boating Destinations in America


Did your favorite blog post make the list? What do you want to see covered on the Dockwa blog? Let us know: email becky@dockwa.com

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