Where to Watch 4th of July Fireworks by Boat

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Get your plans for the 4th squared away early! Check out these boating safety tips and see the best spots to watch the fireworks by boat. 

Nearly 12 million registered boats across the country participate in 4th of July celebrations each year. To avoid boater gridlock and keep your crew safe:

  1. Be wary of boating and drinking, particularly when compounded by sun and a long day on the water.

  2. If you need spare life jackets for your extra July 4th stowaways, borrow one from the BoatUS Foundation’s Kids’ Life Jacket Loaner site.

  3. Keep your boat afloat! A good rule of thumb for boat capacity: make sure everyone has a seat. 

  4. Stay untangled & charged: TowBoatUS reports that many July 4th assistance calls are for anchor line disentanglements and battery jumps.

  5. Paddle safe: Navigation lights apply to SUP boards. Stay visible and avoid congested boat areas.

Ready to make your plans? Read on for fireworks shows near you. 


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