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Figawi 2021 Cheat-Sheet: Your Guide to Surviving Hyannis and Nantucket

Post by Becky at Dockwa - Published on 5/3/21 9:00 AM
Figawi: New England's most notorious boating ritual. Forged out of friendly competition and mischief, what began as an impromptu race among friends 50 years ago is now typically 200 boats strong and an essential component of the New England boating circuit. (Read Figawi origin story.) Since launching the free Dockwa app at Figawi '15, we always love getting back on the water with this rowdy crowd each Memorial Day. 

A time-honored tradition of New England sailors, Figawi has held fast through '20 and '21. The course may have adapted until we get the all-clear, but the spirit of the race is still very much in tact – so go be a part of history by racing the 50th annual Figawi Race Weekend. 

Note: This post was originally published March 2016, and has been updated to reflect 2021 intel. 

"Where the Figawi?!"

Whether you're an old salt or new railmeat, set a course for Figawi 2021.

Figawi Links

Figawi Registration & Kickoff Party

Typially held the Friday prior from 2-8pm, gauging from the website it looks like this year's party is TBD or will make a great comeback next year. When it does, here are the go-to tips for the event: 

  • Party host: Hyannis Yacht Club in Hyannis, MA 

  • The Figawi Store will open earlier than the registration table and party, at 9am
  • Pro-tip: It's a cash only, barflies – hit up the ATM beforehand!   

Figawi Race 

Saturday, May 29

  • Race Start: Hyannis Port – Reserve your slip at Hyannis Marina 

  • Although Figawi typically finishes in Nantucket Harbor with the lion's share of slips reserved for racers at Nantucket Boat Basin (or a  mooring ball at Nantucket Moorings), this year's race will send you out and reel you back in for more fun. 

  • Pro-tip #1: Whether on island or the mainland, Figawi fog can turn blustery – layer up to keep from being miserable on board.

  • Pro-tip #2: Hang on to your hat! The Figawi hat is a coveted item – if you lose yours on the stumble home, it's unlikely to return.

Figawi Race Party

Typically this party would be held Saturday, May 29 from 7PM-11PM – but to adapt to the Covid-times, this event is TBD. 

  • Location: Figawi Tent

  • Pro-tip: Keep your bracelet on tight! Once you lose it overboard there's no replacing it.

  • Remember when Gronk randomly showed up? Keep an eye on the #Figawi2019 hashtag on Twitter and Instagram to see what – or who – is causing a ruckus you won't want to miss. 

Figawi Joke Tent

Typically reserved for groggy Figawi-Sunday (this year would make that May 29, 9-11AM), this event may have to make a comback in '22. 

  • Location: Figawi Tent

  • Pro-tip #1: The Figawi Bloody Mary packs a punch! Make sure you're not dinghying under the influence after hitting the hard stuff.

  • Pro-tip #2: Stretch your legs – See some of our favorite places on Nantucket.


Post Race Party & Awards Ceremony

Typically held Sunday after the joke tent gets whisked away and restaged, look to your inboxes and race committee for intel on this event. 

  • Race party: 1PM - 3:30PM
  • Awards ceremony: 5PM - 6PM
  • Wrap Up Party: 7PM - 11PM
  • Location: Figawi Tent

  • Pro-tip: Find the Figawi Tattoo station and get temporarily branded in the name of charity.

Where the Figayou?

Will you be racing? Did you reserve in Hyannis via Dockwa? Let us know and you could score some sweet swag.

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Post by Becky at Dockwa

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