America's Cup History: Remembering the Film 'Wind' with Actor Matthew Modine

Post by - Published on 03/30/18 14:42 PM

Wind whomper up aerial

PUT UP THE WHOMPER: The phrase that's launched a thousand downwinds. Sailors around the world have heard or hollered this dramatic directive from the 1992 movie Wind at some point during their their time on the water. This week we take a look back at Wind, with the film's star weighing in. 

Inspired by the New York Yacht Club's loss of the 1983 America's Cup, the 1992 cult-classic of the sailing world Wind follows the events of that race up through the America's Cup in 1987. Shot over twelve weeks in 1991, many of Wind's racing scenes were filmed on location in and around Dockwa's hometown of Newport, Rhode Island. 

Click here to jump to the Q&A with Matthew Modine. 

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