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Best Boat Names of Spring 2019

Post by Becky at Dockwa - Published on 5/20/19 5:08 PM

Another year, another impressive list of boat names! This year’s lucky winner won free dockage, Dockwa swag, and the best part: bragging rights for a whole year.

As in years past, hundreds of boat owners submitted their boat names and stories over the past weeks to our annual Boat Names contest. The names range from heartwarming to somber, laugh-out-loud funny to downright risqué. Read on for the Best Boat Names of 2019.

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#1: A Boater’s Best Friend

They say a dog is a man’s best friend, but we think it’s even more true for boaters. We would know, we have a few in the office. So it should come as no surprise that these names integrated boaters' love of dogs with their love of being on the water.

  • 🏅Bosun: We named our boat as well as our dog Bosun. Both are well trusted, dependable, and reliable. The definition of “bosun” suits both the dog as well as our boat well: "a ship's officer in charge of equipment and the crew." – Chris W., Rowayton, CT

  • Fish-a-Bowl: We own a M48 Maritimo. We had two English Bulldogs, BB & Bo, at the time we got the boat. My wife doodled this name up with two dogs holding a Pacific Northwest Salmon in their mouths. – Richard J., Kirkland, WA

  • On Point: I have two pointing dogs that are a prominent part of our family: Griffen is a Weimaraner and Rusty is a Vizsla. Both are excellent pointers and family dogs. They often accompany me fishing. Also the term "on point" has taken on new meaning recently as something that is done well/with style. – Jim A., Dennis, MA

  • Sea Booty: Sea Booty originated with the help of my bulldog Sea Booty Wag “Jetty.” I traveled to Florida with Jetty and my East Carolina pirate flag... hauled the boat home! It’s a boat for the girls: Sea Booty! – Meghan M., Wrightsville Beach, NC

Boat Trip 2015 013

#2: The Sweetheart

  • 🏅Mr. T and Me: When my wife and I were first dating there was a race horse named MR.T and ME. My last name is Towers and we decided to bet on the horse and it kept winning. We named our boat MRT and ME. A few years later my wife (ME) met the owner of the horse and she showed my wife the bridle to the horse. – Tom T., Lindenhurst, NY

  • Mud Puddles: The bar in Lake Placid, NY, where my wife and I met at over 30 years ago. – William R., Warwick, RI

  • Mary Won: Named after my wife as she won the “boat shopping war.” I wanted to keep shopping but she loved our current vessel and that turned out to be a great choice and boat. – Dave S., HSM

  • NeverNo: When my wife and I were first dating and our futures were uncertain and at times discouraging I would tell her that you “never know” what life holds. It became the name of the three boats we purchased after we got married. It has the additional meaning of never saying “no” and to taking a chance. – Michael C., Seattle, WA




#3: The Fun-Lovin' Free-Wheeler!

  • 🏅Too Much Weekend: Every Sunday night after a spectacular weekend of boating my husband and I would collapse into bed and declare "TOO MUCH WEEKEND." Sometimes all we could mutter out was “TMW” due to fun exhaustion. – Linda F., Fairfield, CT

  • Buckweiser: Our granddaughter calls her grandfather, “Bucko” and using that name and his favorite beer we came up with the name Buckweiser. The font used is the same as Budweiser’s so we get a lot of boaters pointing and laughing. Some even ask for beer! – Sandy S., Louisville, KY

  • Strategic Rum Reserve: I was always a power-boater growing up, still am, but noticed a cigarette boat named Strategic Oil Reserve due to its tenancy to consume large quantities of fuel. 25 years later I got myself a sailboat, which has a tenancy to consume large quantities of rum (at anchor of course) and nearly no fuel. – Daniel R., Chicago, IL

#4: The Weatherbird

  • 🏅Sowwanin II: Sowwanin means “wind of good fortune” in Wampanoag, the language of a Massachusetts Indian Tribe. – Andrew S., Manchester by the Sea, MA


#5: The Repeat

Don’t break what isn’t broken. You know it’s a good sign if you keep the name even as the boat change.

  • HippoCampus VIII: The first HippoCampus was in Oyster Bay, Long Island, originally named by my PopPop. The name is Latin in origin and means “seahorse” or "sea monster." It is also part of the brain that is shaped like a seahorse. – Stephen V., Manasquan, NJ

  • Wired IV: I'm an electrical contractor and my wife is a manager for an electrical parts distribution company. We met when she was working at the parts counter 25 years ago. Wired seemed to be a fitting name because of the work, however, most forks that know us say it has dual meaning, as we are both pretty high energy. – Daryl P., Joseph, MI

  • 🏅Have A Fun III: My wife’s grandmother who was born in Poland. She had a little trouble with her English and whenever anyone was leaving the house to go galavanting (as she said it) she would stand on the front steps and waive to you and say, “Have A Fun.” This saying has now graced the name of three boats. – Peter L., Brick, NJ

  • Knot Guilty III: I’m a criminal defense lawyer, but if anyone asks me while on my boat I tell them I just got out of prison. – Fred C., Carrabelle, FL

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    Chips Ahoy 
  • reel late- workaholics
    Reel Late
  • aftermath- workaholics

#6: Workaholics

  • 🏅Plane to Sea: The previous owner was a pilot. My husband has been in aviation as a corporate jet mechanic all his career. After long days of shopping for a boat, we came upon Plane to Sea and we just knew she was meant for us! – Susan H., Kenosha, WI

  • Reel Late: As a past Blockbuster Video franchisee, we made serious money on late fees. Enough to afford my 57' Mckinna, Reel Late  Mike B., Vero Beach, FL

  • Sole of Waukegan: Father and Grandfather shoemakers in Waukegan (retired).  James M., Waukegan, IL 

  • A Loan at Sea: Mortgage Loan Officer who owns a SeaRay 360 Sundance. – Rob G., Annapolis, MD

  • AfterMath: I am a retired high school math teacher! Of course AfterMath was named for me in a way. We get so many questions about our boat's name! People are so happy when they have figured it out for themselves. – Debbie D. (location n/a)

  • Anchor Management: I’m a clinical psychologist. – Daniel H. 

  • Chips Ahoy: My husband designs computer chips and is a very big chocolate fan. All of that plus the nautical pun in the chocolate chip cookies seemed like the perfect fit! – Dot B., Marion, MA

  • Off the Grid: I own an electrical contracting company.  Sal R., Gloucester, MA

  • Pyro-Sea: As a retired Newark Fire Captain I figured combining two words. One from my job, “pyro” and one from my activity, the “sea." And together it would sound like days of ole' "PIRACY!" – Gary G., Brick, NJ 

  • RESCUE ME: My husband and I always referred to ourselves as “you & me.” So we named the boat...RESCUE ME. He is a FDNY Chief in charge of the RESCUE battalion (his actual badge is in the boat name) and the “ME” is for, well me! Also as in a statement “Rescue Me” referring to the sea. A three-meaning name. – Denise C., Wantagh, NY

  • Starlifter: When my wife and I retired, our gift to each other was a sailboat that we keep on the Chesapeake Bay. I had spent 22 years in the Air Force flying the Lockheed C-141 Starlifter and dreamed of one day being on the water, not over it. So there was only one option for our new boat’s name. – Tom L., Rock Hall, MD 

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#7: Goddesses, Spirits, and Legends 

  • 🏅Alobar: Alobar is an ancient king in Tom Robbins’ novel “Jitterbug Perfume.” Alobar lived to be 1,000 years old in a quest to find “youthful exuberance and immortality.” – Stephen L., Marblehead, MA

  • Galene: We name our boats after goddesses. Our Sabre 362 (sailboat) was Libertas: goddess of freedom. When we had to downsize to a smaller power boat we had to find a calmer more appropriate goddess, so our Albin 28 is Galene: goddess of calm seas. Here she is tied up on a trip to Pilot's Point. – Leila D., Branford, CT

  • Sybaris: In Greek Mythology the Sybarites played all day. In their free time they taught their horses to dance to music. Their enemies learned of this and in battle they played music. The horses reared up and danced. The Sybarites could not fight on dancing horses. Sybaris represented decadence and the hi-life. – Richard S., Bristol, RI

Hardship & Heartache

  • 🏅Knot A Day Goes By: I survived being shot six times as a police officer. My wife’s best friend passed away from cancer at 30 years old. There is not a day that goes by that we don’t remember and are not grateful for friends and life.  – John S., Bay View Toledo, OH
  • Marie Rose: When my mom passed away, we wanted to use the money she left us for something fun. We decided to sell our current sailboat and purchase a newer one with some of the money. Naturally we named the new boat after her, Marie Rose.  – Margaret B.,Westbrook, CT
  • Mona B: My boyfriend’s mother passed away from cancer. It was always his lifelong dream to own a bigger boat. After her passing he decided to go through with the purchase. His mother loved fishing and being on the water. Therefore the boat was named Mona B after her.  – Shannon W., Portland, CT
  • confetti
  • Shortshank
    Shortshank Redemption 

#8: The Musician 

  • 🏅Row Jimmy: “Row Jimmy” is the title of one of my favorite Grateful Dead songs. From the first time I heard it 25+ years ago I promised myself I would name my first boat Row Jimmy. Took me until last year to get her but finally have her! – Michael D., Wildwood, NJ

  • Long May You Run: Long May You Run, after the Neil Young song, although the song was about Neil Young’s car the lyrics spoke to our love for his vision and passion about a love lost. Our past and current of the music and our youth in the 70s made it a perfect choice for our boat. Our dinghy is named Run a Long. – Susan D., Essex, CT

  • Saul Goode: Alias name used by famous drummer when checking into hotels. – Lisa L., Kirkland, WA

  • Ber Necessity: It is a play on my nickname, a reference to the song from the Disney movie "The Jungle Book," and a comment on how important sailing is in my life. – Berah T., San Pedro, CA

  • Confetti: We named our Kadey Krogen 39 after a Robert Earl Keen song, Ready for Confetti and the chorus is about getting ready for Confetti every day, “It's a party every day and every day is a colorful happy day living on a boat” and even better on a boat named Confetti! – Vicki M., Edenton, NC

  • One Way Out: My wife and I are big Allman Brothers fans and when Greg Allman passed, we thought it was a great way to pay tribute and as we see it being on the water is the only way out! – Joe C., Amityville, NY

  • Phins Up: Anybody familiar with Jimmy Buffet and his music will get this name. – Fred T., Eden Isle, LA

#9: The Pop Culture Fan

  • 🏅Shortshank Redemption: My friends taunted me about compensating for my shortcomings when I bought a bigger boat. – Andrew M., Belmont

  • Costa La Vista Baby: Last name is "Costa" so Costa La Vista Baby was a perfect fit. – Frank C., Oakdale, NY


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#10: The Punmaster

  • 🏅Ship Show: First boat. Have no idea what I’m doing. – Garrett S., Dartmouth, MA

  • Bait Killer: I love to fish but don’t really catch a lot of fish so most of the time I’m just out drowning sea worms or getting mackerel half eaten. So I am known as “The Bait Killer.” – Vinny P. (location n/a)

  • Da Boat of Us: Capsized on Lake Erie. My son and I restored it just for the learning experience. – Stephen G. (location n/a)

  • Reel Edgy: The boat is an Edgewater 280CC. I love to fish and not only is it the boat manufacturer but my family says I can be a bit “edgy.” So Reel Edgy it is. – Craig C., Annapolis, MD

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  • Untitled design (9)-1
    Occam's Razor
  • Untitled design (10)
    Deja Blue

#11: The Storyteller

From family memories to moving stories, to laughable moments, this section of boat names has a little bit for everyone.  

  • 🏅Deja Blue: We saw a new 33' Sea Ray Express Amberjack at the Baltimore Boat Show several years ago. The sales price was around $260,000. We told the salesman we would be back in 10 years when the price would be lower. We were at the Baltimore Boat Show again 10 years later and purchased a used Amberjack. – Christine L., Middle River, MD

  • Down Under: Bought an old Chris-Craft by name of 6 Flamingos. After a couple months we blew one of the 454 engines. We had a choice to replace one gas hog or re-power with fuel efficient diesels. The challenging choice was; if re-power, we would have to cancel an Australia trip. The boat’s new name is now Down Under. – Tom B., Belleair, FL

  • Occam's Razor: Occam's Razor is understood as the "law of parsimony" the problem-solving principle that essentially states that simpler solutions are more likely to be correct than complex ones. About this principle Aristotle wrote, "Nature operates in the shortest way possible.” It's about keeping it simple. – John B. Seattle, WA


#12: The Linguist

  • La Petite Cachette: It means “the little hideaway” in French. My husband & I fell in love with France and go once a year. It’s for our 36” boat which isn’t that “little.” – Kimberly G., Cos Cob, CT

  • 🏅Lagniappe: "Lagniappe" (Lanyap) a New Orleans Cajun term that means "a little something extra." My boat is a little something extra in life. It's a catamaran with two hulls (one extra) and it's the best way to meet new boaters because everyone comes over to ask how do you say that and what's it mean? – Don S., Taunton, MA

  • Anegada da Vida: Anegada is our favorite island in the world. “Da vida” is Portuguese for "of life." This boat is our “Island of Life.” When we call bridges or locks we get a lot of comments about liking that song. We always answer "what song." – Jeff D., Greenwich Bay. RI

  • Flying L'eau: Owner is a retired pilot. “L'eau” is French for "the water" and is pronounced "low". – Laurence B., Gananoque, Ontario, CA.

  • Nostos: “Nostos” is Greek for “homecoming” i.e. “nostalgia” is the pain of wanting to go home. My husband is Greek and when we are on the boat we are home no matter where we are. – Amy H., Dorchester, MA

  • YAWATEG: Indian word (Iroquois or Algonquin) meaning “favorable breeze.” Actually, “getaway” backwards! – Peter K., Greenport, NY




#13: Hardship & Heartache

  • 🏅Knot A Day Goes By: I survived being shot six times as a police officer. My wife’s best friend passed away from cancer at 30 years old. There is not a day that goes by that we don’t remember and are not grateful for friends and life. – John S., Bay View Toledo, OH

  • Marie Rose: When my mom passed away, we wanted to use the money she left us for something fun. We decided to sell our current sailboat and purchase a newer one with some of the money. Naturally we named the new boat after her, Marie Rose. – Margaret B.,Westbrook, CT

  • Mona B: My boyfriend’s mother passed away from cancer. It was always his lifelong dream to own a bigger boat. After her passing he decided to go through with the purchase. His mother loved fishing and being on the water. Therefore the boat was named Mona B after her. – Shannon W., Portland, CT


#14: All in the Family

  • 🏅Thisldu: If you say "this will do " really fast you'll have said our boat's name: Thisldu. The name first belonged to Garrett's grandfather's Michigan cottage and has since been passed down—with various spellings—to other family boats. Following tradition we christened our Rafiki 35' Thisldu in June 2018. – Audrey R., Sausalito, CA

  • King George V: My last name is King the wife’s last name is George. She made it clear that the name had to reflect the both of us. It’s MD colonial and it made the wife very happy… – Marc K., Sue Island, MD

  • The Mighty Quinn: Named for my granddaughter. “The Mighty Quinn” is a 1967 song by Manfred Man. Boat is a 15 foot Boston Whaler Harpoon. – Leon D., Newington, NH

  • Maxwell Tradition: My father started me fishing when I was a child and I have passed on the fishing tradition to my oldest son Kyle. My son and I fish extensively off the Southern California Coast on our boat named Maxwell Tradition. – Wesley M.

  • Ruf'n It: Our last name. People walk by and comment "it doesn't look like you're roughing it!" Our boat is a 420 Sundancer. – Linda R., Marlboro, NY

  • Sam-I-Amm: My initials (Sarah A Muzyka) and my sister’s initials (Alexandra M Muzyka). – Sarah M., Bass River, MA

  • SummaTime: Our last name is Summa so we did a play on words; it’s our time and we love sailing in the Summa Summa Summa time! – Mina S., Clinton, CT


#15: Paying Homage

  • 🏅Nauti Nelli: After my grandmother who brewed beer in her attic during prohibition. – David G., Cape Coral, FL

  • CrazyHorse: Named after the Air Cavalry troop my son commanded in Iraq. (6/17 Cavalry). – Dave R., Lake Norman, NC

  • Mildred: Named after my late mother who loved boating and encouraged her children, especially the girls, to learn safe boating and good handling. – Kathleen T., Boston, MA

  • LegaSea: My wife's aunt and uncle have been boating all their life as we have. They are getting to the age where it is difficult to go boating. They graciously passed their boat on to us; we even named the dingy LegaSea Dependant. We share every moment with them on the water making more memories. – John D., Stuart, FL


And now the winner! You definitely didn't make this easy on us. This year's finalist had a little bit of everything: a pun, a repeat, and paying homage all rolled into one. Without further ado, the winner of free dockage and bragging rights for a full year: Thisldu is Dockwa's 2019 Boat Name Giveaway winner! Congratulations!


Best Boat Names of 2020 


Thank you all so much for sharing your stories and photos with us! We had a blast reading through these and we hope you did too. If you can’t wait until next round, share with us in our Facebook Group.


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