The Top 40 Boating Destinations in America

Post by - Published on 06/25/18 18:44 PM


This week we took a look under the hood to see which marinas and harbors boaters search for the most on Dockwa. Check out our Top 40, and weigh in on Facebook to share stories of favorite harbors you've visited and ask questions about the ones still on your bucket list.

We wanted to be as objective as possible with this list, so we leveraged anonymous user and search data from Dockwa to keep our eye on the mooring ball. In short, these are the destinations that get the most searches on our app and website. Also note: this is not a "ranking" per se (e.g. Block Island is not "#1"). We found it to be a pretty compelling list, so we wanted to share. 

We know this list is missing some great harbors, which we attribute to our still-growing footprint of marina partners in certain regions; adding new marinas helps get the word out boaters in the area, who then search the site for more!) As always, if you'd like to see a particular marina or location on board, please let us know

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