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Father's Day Gifts for Boaters

Post by Meghan Keaney Anderson - Published on 6/13/21 9:43 AM

When I was a kid, my dad had a series of lovingly flawed boats. One, I distinctly remember, did not shift into reverse, so docking often involved elaborate 360-degree turns in very tight corners. It didn't matter the shape of the boats though, that time on the water with him was unforgettable. If there's a boat-loving father in your life, you've got more options than ever for getting them a Father's Day gift reminiscent of those joyful times. Here are a few of our favorites...

Dockwa Gift Card: Ok, we're a biased on this one, but for someone who has all the gadgets, gear, and equipment they could use, a Dockwa Gift Card is a great experience gift. There's nothing better than exploring the coast, pulling into a lake restaurant or taking an overnighter. And if you delayed just a little too long this year, this one is a great same-day Father's Day gift. Dockwa Gift Cards can be emailed to the recipient on your behalf for fast delivery, or printed and given in person. 




Bitter End Provisions' Après Sail Linen ShirtsThe Bitter End is a legendary yacht club in the British Virgin Islands. Sadly, it was seriously damaged during Hurricanes Irma & Maria and had to close. Since that time however, they've been working hard to rebuild and are targeting a reopening later this year. While the resort is closed, you can still get a taste of Bitter End through their online store: Bitter End Provisions. In addition to the really nice linen shirt below, you can get find a range of clothes, home and boat gear, and more.  


Raymarine Lighthouse ChartsRaymarine just released new electronic marine charts for their axiom and element series displays. The visually stunning, customizable charts are a major upgrade featuring color-shaded depth contours, and data-rich points from Marinas.com, the most extensive database of lighthouses, marinas, service yards and more. 


Cider for Sea Turtles Sea Turtles play a critical role in the ocean ecosystem, but they are also under threat from climate change, plastic pollution and human actions. Every purchase of this hard cider from Proud Pour helps support sea turtle hospitals working for the rehabilitation of injured or sick turtles. Arrange a cider in a basket with some boat snacks and you've got a great father's day gift for the seafaring dad who's also committed to helping the environment. 


Costa Del Mar Sunglasses: We love Costa Del Mar sunglasses for how tailored they are for boaters. They make lenses for open water and bright conditions, sight-fishing, and cloudy conditions. They also off-set their shipping carbon footprint and donate to coastal conservation for every carbon neutral shipment.


Pick up the gas (and the grunt work): Boat ownership is the greatest. Or at least, it's the greatest until you have to refuel, pull the boat, sand it, repaint the bottom, you know... maintenance.  Boats are great. Maintenance is the pits. Let the dad in your life enjoy all the good parts of boating without the pain. You can search for service yards near you and prepay for end of season services or put yourself to work with a personal IOU for all the end of season grunt work. 


BoatsUS membership: BoatsUS has the nation's largest towing fleet and more than 25 additional benefits and services from discounted insurance to boat lettering. It's added security when you're on the water so you don't have to worry about back-up plans should you run out of fuel or into some engine trouble.  

towboatus-boat-bigNauticEd Courses: For dads who sail, NauticEd offers a wide range of classes - online and in person - geared for different levels of experience. Even if your father has been sailing for decades, courses like the storm tactics clinic and maneuvering under power can be great skill extenders.  


Newport Sea Salt Gift Set: We recently featured Tami and Matt Mullins on this blog for being two of only a small collection of sea salt harvesters left in the nation.  Together they've built an inspired business and their sea salt gift baskets are as unique as the New England coastline.

Staying_Salty_with_Matt___Tami_Mullins_of_Newport_Sea_Salt_Co_ No matter what gift you get for Father's day, I think we can all agree that the best way to spend the day is out on the water. Time together in the salt, lake or river air is hard to top.  We're so grateful for all the Dockwa dads - our partners, fathers, grandfathers, brothers, and father-figures of all varieties.  May we all have good weather under which to honor our dads.


Post by Meghan Keaney Anderson

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