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Valentine's Day Gifts for Boaters and Sailors

Post by Becky at Dockwa - Published on 2/6/20 12:00 PM
Valentine's Day is around the corner!  We've found some options that might just help save the day or spark some inspiration to surprise your sailing sweetheart.

Nautical Valentine's Day gifts for the salty, sparkly, or even-keeled boater in your life.

Keep in mind: with any boating-related item you gift someone, big or small, it's the thought that counts. It's also the perfect way to present them with something that can't be gift-wrapped: an adventure! Pair a present with a weekend away and you're more than golden. 





Dockwa Gift Certificates


Love's a Trip

Near and dear to our hearts is the boaters' Valentine's Day gift that's one-size-fits-all: the gift of dockage at more than 1,000 marinas, yacht clubs, and boat yards. Head to dockwa.com/gifts to get started. 


Take it one step further and connect some dots! Add some context to your Dockwa Dollar amount by planning out a few floatplan scenarios, mixing in his or her favorite harbors with a new destination you can both experience for the first time together. 

XO Photograph Valentine's Day Gift for Boaters - Kat Hannafin


The Gift of Moments Captured


Off the bat: Kat Hannafin's XO photograph is the perfect addition to any boater's home to remind your Valentine of those sweet summer days on the water. See more of her work here, or click here to schedule a New England seaside or on-the-water photoshoot. 


Boating jewelry


Sparkly & Salty

This year, we swooned over Phillipe Sail's nautical bracelets with a local twist. Pop the proposition of a trip or commemorate a memory of a recent adventure abroad with a custom nation's flag. 

Pop the question or get your spouse (or spouse-to-be) a stand-in for his or her hardware with an Enso ring – made of silicone, this jewelry will help prevent your prized possessions going overboard, and, more importantly, protect ring fingers from getting harmed in an unfortunate boating moment.

A Custom Coordinates Necklace is a sweet way to remember a harbor that holds meaning for your sweetheart. 

And for any of my fellow boating ladies who are happily ringing in V-Day with pals, boat pups, and the knowledge that you're 1000% fabulous as a standalone dame, an item from Metal Marvels may be for you. 


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Silly & Sensible

  • Show your boating valentine how much you love not fighting with them. The amazing Hook & Moor Boat Hook makes every mooring-catch a breeze.

  • What better way to invite someone to be your first mate than to make sure they're comfortable lending a hand? Gift your Valentine the Partner in Command BoatUS online course.

  • When you need a study break and are buried under snow like we are in New England, cozy up for a funny Valentine's with a showing of The Love Boat.  


A Weekend on the Water

Remember: One gift that never goes out of style is a romantic weekend cruise. From Maine's rocky coast to the sunny Caribbean, Dockwa makes planning your next trip a breeze. Book a slip for two at one of your favorite destinations, or keep things lively and explore new waters. 



Post by Becky at Dockwa

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