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2018 Dockwa Boater Blog Preview & Top 10 Posts of 2017

Post by Becky at Dockwa - Published on 1/13/18 8:59 AM

Thus far in January we've been working behind the scenes to plot a course for the marina spotlights, harbor guides, and sailing & boating stories we want to cover on the Dockwa Boater Blog in 2018. In doing so we naturally looked at what you liked best in the year prior. Whether you're a more recent subscriber or a FotB (Friend of the Blog) and love a trip down memory lane, this post's for you!

When it comes to bringing on new marina locations and rolling out new features, Dockwa's got navigation and fast tacks down to a science. One thing remains constant: we love our boaters' feedback, and we take it to heart. With our 2018 Dockwa Boater Blog planning, we ran the numbers to see which posts you liked best and looked to your email responses and Facebook comments to see which posts brought on the most discussion. This year look for more fun how-to guides, cruising floatplans, and a few surprises. This includes new locations, new app & site features, 

From hurricane recovery progress to some good old-fashioned boaty listicles, see Dockwa boaters' top 10 favorite Boater Blog posts in 2017.

10. Cruising the Dismal Swamp: What Boaters Can Expect on This Years Southern Migration 

Hurricane Matthew wreaked havoc in 2016, but the Dismal Swamp recovered just in time for this year's snowbirds. 


9. Cancellations While Cruising: The East Coast's Most Accommodating Marinas 

One huge misconception about booking through Dockwa is that we dictate cancellation policies. False! In fact many (200+) Dockwa partner marinas allow boaters to cancel same-day at no penalty. 


8. From Puget Sound to Solomons, MD: 17 New Dockwa Partner Marinas Span the Coasts

We welcome new marinas to Dockwa every month, and every month boaters love seeing which ones are catching on and going high-tech. 


7. The Best Hurricane Holes Marinas in the Chesapeake, Carolinas, and Florida  

This post came in handy for boaters making their way to safety last fall, and can help you in plan if you're new to evading the storm. 


6. Where to Watch 4th of July Fireworks by Boat

Holidays are better on a boat, and July 4th is no exception! Our annual update helps boaters ensure some sparkle in their seasons. 


5. Dockwa's Annual Sailing & Boating Holiday Gift Guide

Even Santa can use a little guidance when it comes to gifting to old (and new) salts!


4. Crossing the Gulf Stream: How to Boat from Florida to the Bahamas

Seems we have a boatload of snowbirds in the DBB audience! We'll keep this in mind for 2018 for sure. 


3. The History and Origin of Figawi Race Weekend

Dockwa got its start in New England, so it's only fair that the history of New England's most infamous sailing weekend piqued your interest.


2. Boating Industry Leader Marinas.com Joins the Dockwa Family 

This was huge news – huge! – last year. Expect (more) awesome things from our sister site Marinas.com in the year to come. We'll keep you posted. 


1. Boat Names: Twelve Tacks to Take When Naming Your Boat

Is it the boating lore? The snark? The names themselves? Whatever it is, Dockwa boaters seem to love this tongue-in-cheek post about naming your boat. 


Did your favorite blog post make the list? What do you want to see covered on the Dockwa blog? Let us know! Email becky@dockwa.com

Post by Becky at Dockwa

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