Cancellations While Cruising: The East Coast's Most Accommodating Marinas

Post by - Published on 09/21/17 14:06 PM

Below we've listed all the marinas on the east coast – and there are a ton – who abide by the same cancellation policy – a policy which allows boaters to book slips or moorings risk-free during the hectic migration south. 

The policy: 

In the event of any cancellation, 100% refund will be provided, so long as boater notifies marina of cancellation. No-shows may be subject to loss of one night's deposit, subject to the discretion of the marina.

It's as simple as that: Be a good customer and let the marina know if you think you're not going to make it, so that the business can fill the spot and help other boaters in need of dockage. 

Fun fact: Dockwa itself doesn't have a cancellation policy – each of your reservations' cancellation policies is always that of the marina.

You can view any marina's cancellation policy at any time by visiting its marina profile in the Dockwa app or on 

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