Webinar: How to Attract Boaters Now, So You're Poised to Serve Them Later

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Thank you to everyone who joined us April 23 for our webinar on Attracting Boaters Now, So You're Poised to Serve Them Later.

Here, we've added:

  • The webinar recording
  • The webinar presentation

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ICYMI, here are our main takeaways from the webinar:

  • In the wake of COVID-19, boater are changing their behavior.
  • Some changes in boater behavior will reduce your marina's occupancy, but others - if you capitalize on them now - can increase your marina's occupancy
  • Dockwa Deals is a risk free, measurable, customizable, and quick way to capture new boaters for this season and offset low occupancy caused by economic and travel limitations

Webinar Recording | Download Presentation Deck


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