1,000 Dockwa Marina Partners

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1000 marinas (1)

1000 marinas (1)

As we wrapped up the end of 2019, the team at Dockwa HQ celebrated a major milestone: welcoming the 1,000th marina location. 

We're truly grateful to all of the marinas we have the privilege to work with, who trust our software with their business, their customers, their data, and their marketing. This milestone translates to more than 10% of U.S. marinas using Dockwa to help manage transient and long-term dockage, making it the largest marina booking and contract management platform in the world.

We're proud of the diversity within our marina network, which runs the gamut from municipal mooring fields and small family businesses to corporate entities and large resorts; from coast to coast, across 38 U.S. states, and beyond major boating hubs to include the U.S.’s inland lakes and waterways. Among the 1,000 marina partners is representation from management groups such as Safe Harbor Marinas, Suntex Marinas, and WestRec Marinas, noteworthy municipal harbors such as St. Petersburg, FL, Edgartown, MA, Dana Point, CA, and Chicago Harbors, as well as hundreds of independent marinas and resort destinations of all sizes.

“Onboarding our 1,000th marina is significant to this team not just due to the sheer number of business owners and operators who recognize the value in what we’re building; this milestone is a credit to the marinas and boaters who’ve embraced this technology and worked with us to develop a better way to grow boating, for which we are immensely grateful,” said Mike Melillo, Dockwa co-founder and CEO. “We’re humbled by the spirit of camaraderie we see from both communities as they’ve used the software, provided feedback, and encouraged more marinas to kick the tires. Dockwa would not exist today without the help from our boaters.” 

In total, Dockwa marina partners account for more than 150,000 slips, moorings, and other dockage assets available for boaters to reserve and rent directly through Dockwa’s website and mobile apps.

Melillo added,

“Our industry faces the collective challenge to grow boating for all age groups and demographics. We’re finding ways to address evolving customer needs to help our industry keep up and to make boating more accessible for all.”

In accordance with Dockwa’s core mission to grow boating, the growth of Dockwa’s marina network to 1,000-strong is in service to this mission as well as to the boating industry as a whole. Dockwa helps marina operators easily manage the guest experience and connects marinas with the world’s largest network of boaters actively looking for dockage. In turn, Dockwa marinas expand their capacity for new boaters, while simultaneously filling that capacity. Dockwa’s consistent booking experience and real-time communication with marinas empowers boaters of all skill levels to get out on the water more often, and more often to explore unfamiliar destinations.


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