100 Marinas You Can Reserve Dockage at Instantly

Post by - Published on 08/21/18 13:41 PM

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As a wise man once said, "We'll get there fast, and then we'll take it slow." 

Well, boaters, here's to making the 'getting there fast' portion of the events really flipping fast. Check out the 100 marinas using Dockwa's Auto Confirm tool to respond to reservations faster than you can say 'Kokomo.' 


If you're psyched about Auto Confirm, let marinas and your fellow boaters know! Share the post on Facebook or comment to tag your favorite marina and give kudos to the 100 that are breaking the marina mold. 



With the addition of Boston's India Wharf Marina signing up for InstantBook last week, 100 of our 655 partner marinas are on board and letting their boaters book instantly whenever the ship fits the slip. See who's on board below. Click here to learn more about InstantBook.


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Name City State Link
31st Street Harbor, the Chicago Harbors Chicago IL https://dockwa.com/explore/destination/2gc8emz
59th Street Harbor, the Chicago Harbors Chicago IL https://dockwa.com/explore/destination/qpc52pm
Acosta Creek Marina Satsuma FL https://dockwa.com/explore/destination/8qcd21l
Atlantis Yacht Club Monmouth Beach NJ https://dockwa.com/explore/destination/x1cddv
Bath Harbor Marina Bath NC https://dockwa.com/explore/destination/qpc47d
Battleship Cove Moorings Fall River MA https://dockwa.com/explore/destination/d9c1wqv
Beach Marine Jacksonville Beach FL https://dockwa.com/explore/destination/lwcedl
Belhaven Marina Belhaven NC https://dockwa.com/explore/destination/jnc18pn
Belmont Harbor, the Chicago Harbors Chicago IL https://dockwa.com/explore/destination/z4c1qp
Bull River Marina Savannah GA https://dockwa.com/explore/destination/pwcwqd
Cape Charles Town Harbor Cape Charles VA https://dockwa.com/explore/destination/7ec8r5
Carolina Beach Mooring Field Carolina Beach NC https://dockwa.com/explore/destination/7ecqnm5
Chester Point Marina Chester CT https://dockwa.com/explore/destination/qpc1nz
Clayton Harbor Municipal Marina Clayton NY https://dockwa.com/explore/destination/rnc1rl8
Conanicut Marine Services Jamestown RI https://dockwa.com/explore/destination/pwcp3y
Constitution Marina, Boston Harbor Boston MA https://dockwa.com/explore/destination/jnc997
Cooper River Marina Charleston SC https://dockwa.com/explore/destination/d9cpgq
Crocker's Boatyard, Inc. New London CT https://dockwa.com/explore/destination/n8cj6q
Derecktor Robinhood Georgetown ME https://dockwa.com/explore/destination/vgcmd6
Diversey Harbor Lagoon, the Chicago Harbors Chicago IL https://dockwa.com/explore/destination/jncvd9
Dolphin Marina & Restaurant South Harpswell ME https://dockwa.com/explore/destination/lwcpr2
Dowry Creek Marina Belhaven NC https://dockwa.com/explore/destination/eyc81e
Eastern Point Yacht Club Gloucester MA https://dockwa.com/explore/destination/8qc4ge
Edgartown Harbormaster Edgartown MA https://dockwa.com/explore/destination/eycezv
Fire Island Pines Marina Fire Island Pines NY https://dockwa.com/explore/destination/x1clm4d
Flyer's Moorings, Boat Shop & Rental Provincetown MA https://dockwa.com/explore/destination/pwc9wm
Fort Washington Marina Ft Washington MD https://dockwa.com/explore/destination/eyc3wnm
Gloucester Harbormaster Gloucester MA https://dockwa.com/explore/destination/mnc89p8
Golden Nugget Farley State Marina Atlantic City NJ https://dockwa.com/explore/destination/55cgy4
Grays Inn Creek Marina Rock Hall MD https://dockwa.com/explore/destination/ywczv55
Gulfport Municipal Marina Gulfport FL https://dockwa.com/explore/destination/63cmdn
Guttenberg Marina Guttenberg IA https://dockwa.com/explore/destination/n8c5qwd
Half Moon Bay Marina Croton On Hudson NY https://dockwa.com/explore/destination/4qcrx
Harbor Centre Marina Sheboygan WI https://dockwa.com/explore/destination/55c8jr
Harbour Cove Marina Somers Point NJ https://dockwa.com/explore/destination/16c526
Harbour Village Marina Kenmore WA https://dockwa.com/explore/destination/ywc989
Haverstraw Marina West Haverstraw NY https://dockwa.com/explore/destination/lwc1r
High Cliff State Park Marina Sherwood WI https://dockwa.com/explore/destination/16c544
Historic Gardner's Basin Atlantic City NJ https://dockwa.com/explore/destination/rncmy7
India Wharf Marina Boston MA https://dockwa.com/explore/destination/7ecjpw
Jackson Park Inner Harbor, the Chicago Harbors Chicago IL https://dockwa.com/explore/destination/wgc7m1q
Jackson Park Outer Harbor, the Chicago Harbors Chicago IL https://dockwa.com/explore/destination/ywc7jz
Key West Harbour Marina Key West FL https://dockwa.com/explore/destination/rncryd
Kingman Yacht Center Cataumet MA https://dockwa.com/explore/destination/3gc8gw
Lighthouse Marina Aquebogue NY https://dockwa.com/explore/destination/16cxy6
Long Cove Harbour & Beach Club Charlotte NC https://dockwa.com/explore/destination/16c51nw
MacRay Harbor Marina Harrison Twp MI https://dockwa.com/explore/destination/pwcylq
Mitchell Park Marina Greenport NY https://dockwa.com/explore/destination/jnc382
Monroe Harbor, the Chicago Harbors Chicago IL https://dockwa.com/explore/destination/z4cm88
Moody Gardens Marina Galveston TX https://dockwa.com/explore/destination/16c5p3z
Morehead City Transient Docks Morehead City NC https://dockwa.com/explore/destination/55c1dl
Motor City Marina Wyandotte MI https://dockwa.com/explore/destination/vgcl2j
Ocean Point Marina East Boothbay ME https://dockwa.com/explore/destination/z4cyw4
Olde River Yacht Club Cleveland OH https://dockwa.com/explore/destination/g9c85q
Osprey Point Marina Rock Hall MD https://dockwa.com/explore/destination/8qcg2x
Peninsula Yacht Marina Oxnard CA https://dockwa.com/explore/destination/16cpxj
Pickering Wharf Marina Salem MA https://dockwa.com/explore/destination/wgcx4n
Plymouth Town Wharf and Moorings Plymouth MA https://dockwa.com/explore/destination/x1cj9p
Point Lookout Marina Ridge MD https://dockwa.com/explore/destination/3gc2n9
Pope's Island Marina New Bedford MA https://dockwa.com/explore/destination/3gc8ml
Port City Marina Wilmington NC https://dockwa.com/explore/destination/jnc1pe4
Port Clinton Marina Clinton CT https://dockwa.com/explore/destination/vgcr11
Port Jefferson Launch & Water Taxi Port Jefferson NY https://dockwa.com/explore/destination/63c42en
Port Jefferson Yacht Club Port Jefferson NY https://dockwa.com/explore/destination/qpczrq
Pungo Creek Marina Belhaven NC https://dockwa.com/explore/destination/7ecqdjr
Raccoon Lake Boat Rental Rockville IN https://dockwa.com/explore/destination/vgcz27w
Rhode Island Yacht Club Cranston RI https://dockwa.com/explore/destination/2gc2z1
Safe Harbor | Bohemia Vista Marina Chesapeake City MD https://dockwa.com/explore/destination/ywcvxz
Safe Harbor | Bruce & Johnson's Marina Branford CT https://dockwa.com/explore/destination/8qc4rr
Safe Harbor | Capri Marina Port Washington NY https://dockwa.com/explore/destination/z4c1r6
Safe Harbor | Grand Isle Marina Grand Haven MI https://dockwa.com/explore/destination/7ecn22
Safe Harbor | Great Lakes Marina Muskegon MI https://dockwa.com/explore/destination/wgc3w3
Safe Harbor | Hack's Point Marina Earleville MD https://dockwa.com/explore/destination/8qcw13
Safe Harbor | Marina Bay Boston Quincy MA https://dockwa.com/explore/destination/pwc9yg
Safe Harbor | Ventura Isle Marina Ventura CA https://dockwa.com/explore/destination/lwcm9n
Sailing Associates Inc Georgetown MD https://dockwa.com/explore/destination/n8cvmm
Sailors Haven Marina Fire Island National Seashore, NY Fire Isle Pines NY https://dockwa.com/explore/destination/16cry2
Shattemuc Yacht Club Ossining NY https://dockwa.com/explore/destination/d9cvy
Sheltered Cove Marina Tuckerton NJ https://dockwa.com/explore/destination/x1cey2
Slidell Municipal Marina at Heritage Park Slidell LA https://dockwa.com/explore/destination/mnc8xql
Somers Cove Marina Crisfield MD https://dockwa.com/explore/destination/wgcvd1
Southport Marina Kenosha WI https://dockwa.com/explore/destination/eyc3d3
Southwinds Marina Forked River NJ https://dockwa.com/explore/destination/4qcr6j
St. Albans Bay Marina St Albans Bay VT https://dockwa.com/explore/destination/4qc152z
Teach's Lair Marina Hatteras NC https://dockwa.com/explore/destination/pwc4zy
The Harborage at Ashley Marina Charleston SC https://dockwa.com/explore/destination/mnc3m9
Treasure Cay Resort, Marina & Golf Course Treasure Cay Bahamas https://dockwa.com/explore/destination/wgce2x
Treasure Cove Resort Marina Riverhead NY https://dockwa.com/explore/destination/qpcm5z
Vineyard Haven Launch Service Vineyard Haven MA https://dockwa.com/explore/destination/vgc57q
Watch Hill Marina Fire Island National Seashore, NY Bayberry Dunes NY https://dockwa.com/explore/destination/16cve5
White Point Marina Kinsale VA https://dockwa.com/explore/destination/4qc2ww
Windward Point Marina Whortonsville NC https://dockwa.com/explore/destination/z4cr28m
Yankee Marine Service Gloucester MA https://dockwa.com/explore/destination/95ce5r
Swan Creek Marina Rock Hall MD https://dockwa.com/explore/destination/n8cplm
The Marina at Rowes Wharf Boston MA https://dockwa.com/explore/destination/qpc6ep
Thousand Islands Club Wellesley Island NY https://dockwa.com/explore/destination/z4cd5w
Robinhood Marine Center Georgetown ME https://dockwa.com/explore/destination/vgcmd6
Windmill Point Marina White Stone VA https://dockwa.com/explore/destination/d9c38n
Safe Harbor | Pilot's Point Marina Westbrook CT https://dockwa.com/explore/destination/jnc1y5l
Oyster Bay Marine Center Oyster Bay NY https://dockwa.com/explore/destination/jnc368
Moonbeam Gateway Marina Brooklyn NY https://dockwa.com/explore/destination/d9cn22
Herreshoff Marine Museum Bristol RI https://dockwa.com/explore/destination/x1c25m
City of Gloucester Harbormaster Gloucester MA https://dockwa.com/explore/destination/mnc89p8
Bay Harbor Lake Marina Bay Harbor MI https://dockwa.com/explore/destination/z4c69z

Pretty exciting, eh? We whole-heartedly agree. Thanks to all wonderful 100 marinas for boldly going where no marinas have gone before. 

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