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Your Guide to Boating in Boston

Post by Team Dockwa - Published on 5/8/15 11:00 AM
The city of Boston is well known for quite a few different reasons. For starters, they have the largest Irish population in the entire country.The city is also known for its die-hard dedication to the professional sports teams that call this culturally rich metropolis home. In addition to this storied history, Boston has a vast array of waterways, rivers, and harbors that allow you to explore this history by boat.


Boating on the River


There are quite a few rivers that divide up the city and the city itself has oceanfront property on the Atlantic. One such river is the Mystic River, once famously referred to in a blockbuster movie, and it separates Charlestown from Chelsea and Everett. While the movie we mentioned doesn’t exactly glorify the river, it’s still worth a stop on your tour of Boston waterways. It’s been said that the best way to truly experience the river is by canoe, but can also easily navigated by boat as there are several places along the way to drop in.


Dock and Dine


There are a few restaurants in the Boston Harbor that offer up a unique dining experience by allowing you to dock your boat and grab a bite. Located in Charlestown on Pier 6 is the appropriately named Pier 6 restaurant. Lifelong boaters will appreciate the nautical décor as well as the lush mahogany bar and phenomenal waterfront views thanks to the floor to ceiling glass doors. For additional docking options check out the all new Charlestown Marina, just steps away. 


The Liberty Wharf is another fantastic Boston Harbor restaurant scene that has 12 boat slips and allows guests to tie off on the dock. The area offers several fantastic bars and restaurants in close vicinity to the dock. Be sure to stop in and get a true taste of Boston seafood inside Legal Harborside the beautifully appointed interior or outside on the deck with the sun shining on your face.


Take an Island Cruise


While there is plenty of water to enjoy in and around Boston, don’t forget to take a cruise to the harbor islands. The Boston Harbor Islands National and State Park has a little something for everyone. Experience some history by touring Fort Warren on Georges Island or our nation’s oldest light station on Little Brewster Island. However, if you’re just looking for some good beachside relaxation, you’ll want to head over to Spectacle Island or Lovells Island. Only Spectacle Island has lifeguards though, so be sure to swim responsibly.


Where to Dock


If you’re heading into Boston with the hopes of taking a walking tour around the city, you’ll need to find a good marina to secure your boat. Given the fact that this is a seaside city with a bustling harbor, there are plenty to choose from. One of the most conveniently located marinas would be the Constitution Marina. It’s just a short five minute walk from the Boston Garden and is close to all major highways and even Logan Airport. You can also download Dockwa for many more great options and easy reservations. 


It’s actually quite difficult to condense everything you need to know about boating in Boston down into one little blurb such as we have. All we can hope to do is ignite your desire to see and experience everything this city has to offer to the seafaring types such as yourself. Now that the weather is warming up, it only makes sense to see for yourself the benefits of boating in Boston.



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photo credit: Lotzman katzman via photopin (license)


Post by Team Dockwa

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