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12 Things to Love About Boaters

Post by Becky at Dockwa - Published on 2/4/19 3:04 PM
Valentine's Day has a rep as being just for couples, but it didn't start out that way and doesn't have to be! Whether you're claiming it for your group of girlfriends in a Galentine's celebration or reclaiming the original tradition of sending notes to friends you hold dear, Valentine's Day is for everyone. And to us, that means boaters. 

When it comes to boaters, there's a lot to love. You're scallywags and heroes, DIY-ers and pay-it-forward'ers. Here are our some of our favorite traits of the boaters we know and love, and we've got love for every gosh darn one of you. Happy Valentine's Day!

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1. Boaters are big kids at heart

Whether rafting up for Aquapalooza or discovering an awesome new boat-gadget like a kid on Christmas, boaters have a certain kid-like quality that keeps them forever young. 

giphy (1).gif

2. Boaters can roll with it

Stuff happens on boats. Stuff breaks on boats. Wind, weather, people, and other boats are all unpredictable at times. We love that most boaters have that uncanny ability to go with the flow and still have a great time. 

giphy (2).gif

3. They’re full of surprises 

If you've never been abducted for hours on end for what you thought was a quick harbor-burn, it's just a matter of time. If life aboard starts to seem a bit dull, most boaters will instinctively seek out ways to spice things up a bit. 

giphy (3).gif

4. They love to make a splash 

Subtlety isn't always a priority with boating. Dashing spinnakers, flamboyant battle flags, and swanky hull designs will turn heads. Some boats go to town decorating for Halloween and holiday boat parades. And others just always seem to have 20 matching unicorn onesies aboard. However "you do you," we appreciate every boater that shows his or her boating personality loud and proud. 

giphy (4).gif

5. They’re resourceful as heck 

Boaters can make a life jacket out of a pair of pants, a movie screen out of a mainsail, and a first mate out of a clever golden retriever. We love seeing the makeshift fixes you come up with and knowing that when push comes to shove we have our own personal MacGuyver on board. 

6. They've got fierce determination

If you've seen it, I don't have to tell you: Boaters "wire in" like no other category of human. Whether fighting with an anchor, a jibe set, or a protest decision, boaters are great at owning their passion and sticking to their guns. 


7. They’re just... ridiculous 

You know this boater. Every yacht club and marina has the rowdy rukus-maker who ups the anty on silliness. Boaters are always more likely to be the life of the party, and tend to come with a little more originality. 

giphy (9).gif

8. They know how to kick back

When the T-rex outfits have been retired (or if they never saw the light of day), boaters have an infectious appreciation for simple relaxation. 


9. They dream big 

There's always somewhere new to explore, a new harbor to race in, a new tactic to try. Boaters can't help but see a world of water unfold in front of them once they get on board. 

giphy (8).gif

10. They’re deep thinkers 

Getting out on the water can give anyone a hearty dose of perspective. Particularly when it comes boating or doing boatwork solo, there's plenty of time for introspection. 

giphy (12).gif

12. They don't overthink it

Life's short. Boating's fun. What more is there to the debate? Boaters seem to have an innate sense of "duh" when it comes to people wondering why it's a part of their lives, and that unabashed sense of self is sexy as hell. 


Folks, the list could go on for ages. In summary, if you know a boater, today you can give him or her as big a hug you can without it getting weird.  If you yourself are a boater, brace yourself and let the boater appreciation brighten your day. 


Post by Becky at Dockwa

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