Top 5 Must-Read Blogs for Boaters

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It would seem that there is a blog out there for everything, and boating is no exception. There are boating blogs for those that prefer to sail alone as well as those that like to captain a speedboat filled with all of their friends. We’ve scoured the web to find five of the beat blogs for boaters so you can stay informed and up to date with the world of boating.

Sailing Anarchy

By the name of the blog, I’m sure you’ve gathered that its primary focus is on sailing. While you will definitely find a majority of articles and posts about sailing, both casually and professionally, some of the forums also include information on cruising and powerboating. The site itself has a blog they keep updated pretty regularly, a forum that you can participate in, and even a store where you can buy merchandise with the Sailing Anarchy logo on it.


For those that want to incorporate their love of modern technology with their love of the time-honored sport of boating will appreciate the Panbo blog. They review the best in marine technology so you can make an educated decision in which to include on your boat. Here you’ll find everything from sonar displays and servers to wireless pilot controls as well as their own choices for the best boating blogs.

To say you can find anything and everything associated with boating here would be an understatement. What else would you expect from a website called Their blog posts range from tips on how to sell your boat to history lessons on the old warships of days past.


This blog focuses more on the massive seafaring watercrafts that often require a large crew to operate. Check out their video post of the CEO of Maersk talk about the future of their company and the profits they’ve seen thanks to the shipping industry. However, it’s not all business on this blog as you’ll also find great videos of well-handled boats in storms and opinion pieces about current events on the open sea.

Boating Blog by Discover Boating

If you want to figure out ways to involve the entire family in your love of life on the open water, this blog has you covered. The blogs included here do cover a wide variety of subjects, but they understand that some people need a little extra push into understanding the benefits of boating. Whether you’re looking for fishing strategies to take your son out to catch some dinner or if you need some ideas for family-oriented spring break destinations, this blog will certainly help you and the whole family discover boating.

Whether you're a seasoned boater or just discovering the magic of life on the water, these blogs can give you the information you need to keep that passion going. And when you need a place to dock the boat for a while and explore the magical things on land, we'll be here to help.

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