Dock Free in 2017! Win Big with Dockwa and BoatUS

Post by - Published on 12/14/16 19:11 PM

We'll cut to the chase, so that you can get on with registering to win and telling your friends to do the same. 

The Basics:

  • Dockwa & BoatUS have teamed up to give away $2500 in free dockage to one lucky boater. 

  • The sweepstakes runs from December 14, 2016 until 12PM Eastern on February 10th, 2017.

  • The winner receives free dockage up to $2500.00 at Dockwa-BoatUS partner marinas between May 1, 2017 and October 31, 2017.

  • Dockwa and BoatUS will jointly pick a winner at random from the qualified entrants.

  • The winner will be notified on or before February 14, 2017, and announced within the month of February. 

Hop to it! Click here or on the button below to enter to win. Be sure to share the sweepstakes on social media with the hashtag #DOCKFREE2017. Good luck!



Looking for more intel? Check the FAQs below, our BoatUS-specific FAQs here, and contact if you still have questions. 

  • What are the official rules? Read the official rules here

  • I'm not a Dockwa boater. How do I register? Great question: Click here to get started. It's free to be a Dockwa boater, with no reservation surcharges, markups or booking fees. We charge what the marina would charge if you call or email to reserve (but now you can stop doing that).

  • I'm not a BoatUS Member. How do I join? Another great question: Click here to learn more about BoatUS and join as a Member today

  • I'm having trouble adding my BoatUS ID to my account. This help page has more info, as well as the line to contact Dockwa support if you still need assistance. We'll get you there!

  • Where can I see which marinas are partnered with both Dockwa and BoatUS? This filtered view of the Dockwa map shows which marinas are partnered with both Dockwa and BoatUS, and thus eligible for the winning boater to spend his or her $2500 in free dockage. To become a BoatUS partner, a marina can simply sign up and offer BoatUS Members a discount. To become a Dockwa Partner Marina, marinas can contact us to get set up for us to send our boaters their way!

Get out there today!

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