Top 15 Boat Charge Items Added to Dockage Reservation Tabs

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Since we rolled out our Boat Charges feature a few months back, marinas have tacked everything from fuel to fishing rods to Dockwa reservations at the request of their boater guests. We ran the numbers and were pleasantly surprised at some of the more creative uses! 

Boaters: Click here to learn more about Boat Charges, and ask your next Dockwa marina stop to put your extras on your Dockwa tab. Marina teams, click below  to get started or request a walk-through. 

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Without further ado, we present the Top 15 Most Popular Boat Charges: 

1. Ice 

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Hot diggity, ice is big business! Each month this cool item gets used thousands of times. Marinas have broken down their ice categories to fit their inventory. (Our personal favorite? "Bag o Ice Cubes.")

  • Ice
  • Larger Ice
  • Block Ice
  • 5lb bag of ice
  • 10lb bag of ice
  • 16lb bag of ice
  • 20lb bag of ice
  • Bag o Ice Cubes

2. Electric

Another umbrella that makes us glad marinas can break down Boat Charges whichever way they please. Dockwa boaters have paid for all things electric, ranging from an adapter for the day to electric for the month. Some examples: 

  • Metered electric
  • Kw/h
  • Overnight flat fee (50 amp nightly power charge)
  • 30 amp 120 kw
  • For the month
  • Under 900 kw/h
  • Adapter for Day
  • Electric per day 80 ft and above
  • Electric: 40 -49'
  • Electric: 0 - 39'
  • Dual 50 amp

3. Pumpout

This one's pretty straightforward: thousands of boaters have charged pumpouts to their Dockwa tabs. No need to wait with full tanks because you forgot to stop by the ATM!


4. Fuel

Whether charging for "Fuel - Diesel," "Fuel - Premium," or just plain "Fuel," we're glad to see marinas making the flexibility of Boat Charges work for their team.


5. Laundry

As with pump-outs, we're pleasantly surprised to see thousands of charges going to keeping things tidy.


6. Ship's Store

Boaters have been tacking items to their Dockwa tab like crazy! Just to name a few: 

  • Rope
  • Charts
  • Anchors
  • Pendant line replacement
  • Beverage
  • Chips
  • Blanket
  • Fishing poles
  • Hat
  • Trash bags
  • Battery jump pack


7. Metered Water

Yet another standard add-on that can and often does get folded into the reservation tab with a neat little Dockwa bow.


8. Parking

Parking, 30-Day Parking, and trailer parking are in high demand and much easier to pay with Boat Charges than with cash or check.


9. Freezer Space

It looks like some of our partner marinas see quite a few serious fishermen coming through their breakwaters!


10. Dockmaster Gratuity

We love seeing this in the Top 10! Even during an uneventful stay, your dockmaster likely had an eye on your boat. Showing your appreciation is great karma.


11. Wi-Fi

Wifi, Wi-Fi 3-day pass, and Wi-fi day pass all combine to put Wi-Fi at the top of the Boat Charges list.


12. Boat Care

Bottom washes, haul outs, launches, and more all made their way into Boat Charges with individual line items and pricing.


13. Bar & Restaurant

Cocktails, event tickets, Arnold Palmers, you name it – we're glad to see a lack of wallet doesn't stop boaters from enjoying their marina's on-site dining & nightlife options.


14. Key Deposit

Combining the entries for gate key deposits, laundry room key deposits, and bathroom key deposits puts keys securely in the top 15.


15. Boat Storage

We expect this Boat Charge to drop off soon now that marinas have free access to our Dry Storage tool!


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