Save the (Marina) Dates: When to Start Booking Your 2017 Boating Season Floatplan

Post by - Published on 04/22/19 4:00 AM

For those boaters in colder climates, the 2017 boating season is coming faster than it seems!

Marinas and yacht clubs will begin taking reservations for next year in the next few weeks. Lucky for you, Dockwa now has a one-stop shop of all the dates you need to know for booking your summer floatplans. 

Here at Dockwa, we work to create technology and streamline marina communications that helps get everyone back to what they love best: boating. 

That's why we're pleased to bring you our latest attempt to wrangle all the crucial intel you need to max out your time on the water. Introducing: new Opening Booking Days Calendar! We've collected data from our marina partners to make sure Dockwa boaters are in the know and ready to book once the floodgates have opened. 

Click here to see when your favorite marinas will begin taking reservations, then click on the calendar link in the right-hand column to add as many dates as you like to your Apple, Google, Outlook, or Yahoo calendars. 



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