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Our Top 13 Marinas.com Marina Reviews: The Good, Bad, and the Ugly

Post by Becky at Dockwa - Published on 8/18/17 10:35 AM

We celebrated an exciting milestone this week: Dockwa's sister site, Marinas.com, received its 1,000th marina review! Since we acquired the site in January, our engineers have made a ton of improvements, including creating the ability for boaters to review marinas after each stay. Even better? Those reviews appear in the Dockwa app and website as you browse destinations for your next cruise. 

Here at Dockwa, we keep a close eye on reservation requests, approval times, and – you guessed it – the reviews that pepper our marina partners' pages in the Dockwa app and website. And honestly, they can't all be gems: while some are candid and manage to stay level-headed even when reporting a less-than-excellent experience, others can come off sounding personal, malicious, or unreasonable. 

One of the best things about Marinas.com is that marina managers can respond to reviews (for free) to correct the record or – if they were in the wrong – attempt to make ammends. Also, boaters and marina staff alike can flag reviews if they don't meet the community guidelines.

So while we'd love to show off only the glowing praises, we thought our 1,000th review was a great opportunity to check out some of the ones that are somewhat less than helpful. We'll lead with the less-good so we can end on the high note. :) 

The Bad & The Ugly

In truth, there are no bad reviews. We want you to be able to be yourself, share what matters most to your boating experience, and tell your story. If you only have a moment, a short review is better than no review. You can always go back later to fill in the details of your stay, or update the review after each visit. Here are some noteworthy negative reviews:


Mysterious Stays

"The dockmaster was rude and unprofessional. Would NEVER go back." 

It's a start, but other than a tone of foreboding, reviews like this don't give boaters a whole lot to go on and don't carry as much weight. 


"We got nothing."

"Just took a mooring for one night. Did not go ashore."

There's more to review than ashore! We'd love to know about the mooring conditions, the vibe in the field, was launch service reliable, etc. That said, simple and sweet is a great start and we hope he'll be back. 

The terrible, horrible no-good very bad stay

"Absolute horrible service, the owner [name redacted] is rude, very nasty and talks nasty about the customers to other employees thinking you didn't hear him and a total unprofessional business man. Please do not use this company. My husband and I were ripped off and treated very poorly. No one seems to now how to be professional at this marina to their paying customers."

The vast majority of marina staff we work with are professional, polite, and love their line of work. So we would have loved to hear specifics – what about the service was horrible? How were you ripped off? Because horrible launch driving and horrible engine work are two very different degrees of horrible, and someone forgetting to add on a discount (which can be remedied) is different from them forgetting to fuel your boat up.

The Riff-Raff

"Horrible experience. The rift raft walking back and fourth and the drunks hanging out on the benches was disruptive to our vacation."

This is great intel for the peace-seeking and party-going alike. We'd love to know what control the marina has over this and what expectations were set – did they not patrol when they said they would? Did you ask to be moved to a new dock and they refused? What was the facility like apart from your fellow guests?  


The Throwaway

"All 000000000. Horrible marina. Mechanic [name redacted] sucks."

Maybe it's just me, but I completely ignore reviews like this full-stop. 

Wi-fi, Weekend Staff, and Restrooms

"No wifi. Only one bathroom and shower. No place to sit and relax. No one to ask questions of. Office closed on weekends?!"

We'd be exasperated as well. Marinas take note: boaters depend on wifi to plan, keep friends and family updated on their travels, and handle business. It's 2017, the statute of limitations on having poor or no Wifi has run out. 

And to our fellow boaters: Quit streaming Netflix while you're on the docks. You know who you are.


"If I could give this place negative stars I would. Always dirty. Docks are in bad repair. The owner is an ass and a thief. If you stop here does not matter if you lock your things up he will cut the locks and take your things because he thinks he is entitled. He is NEVER in the office. He holds mail locked in the office for weeks and lets the worst of the worst in there. If you confront him about wrong doings he will force you to leave. Awful awful place."

Power to the People

"Horrible. 5 boats in our club could not get power!! Marina blamed our boats at first. They knew this was a lie. Staff would not admit their wiring problems. Locals all knew!!! Bad Bad Bad To hell with [marina name redacted]."

Not good, marina that shall remain unnamed! Solid feedback for the marina that the word is getting around and they should step up their game.

The Good!

When you leave a marina rejuvinated, you want to tell the world and show your appreciation to the staff. Thanks to boaters who stick the landing on their check-out by writing a review about their great stay, not just problematic ones.

Sakonnet Pointe Marina – Sakonnet, Rhode Island

"Our stay at Sakonnet Point Marina was really extremely good. I highly recommend this marina. The facilities are very nice. The dock staff is great: very friendly; they guided us into the harbor very well and assisted us in docking our sailboat and also departing the dock (sometimes a finicky experience). They went out of their way to be helpful, even providing a ride to nearby Sakonnet Vineyards (although they are not always available for that).

We took advantage of the $25 "temporary membership" at the adjoining Sakonnet Yacht Club, which is definitely worth doing; it allows you access to the Club's very clean, modern showers and restroom facilities, as well as allowing you to eat at their fine on-site restaurant---which serves a nice variety of well-prepared-presented food and has great views of the ocean.


The boater continues!

"The only downside of the experience (resulting in 4 stars instead of 5) was that this small harbor can be a little noisy in the early morning hours, as commercial fishermen go about their business. However, that should definitely not dissuade you from a stop-over here. The harbor is well-protected, quiet and of easy access: some older cruising guides mentioned the area being "mined" with numerous lobster pots and fish traps; we did not notice this as we approached (from Newport). Thanks to Chris, Brian, et al for a very pleasant stay!"

View on Marinas.com

Reserve your slip at Sakonnet Pointe Marina

National Harbor Marina – Oxon Hill, Maryland

"The marina staff was great, one of which I believe was the dock master. They assisted in helping dock the boat in to our slip and provided us with everything necessary we needed for our stay. The marina was clean and everything was in working order. We have been coming for nightly stay at National Harbor Marina for the last few years and its always a smooth process."

Reserve at National Harbor Marina

Fishers Island Yacht Club – Fishers Island, New York

"Amazing place! Came here for the first time last weekend and the staff was wonderful at getting us through the channel and docked. My husband and I had cooked lobsters delivered right to our boat, then went to the Pequot inn for some drinks. Bathrooms could be nicer, but the harbor was beautiful! They even gave us access to the members-only clubhouse to watch tv and check email. We will definitely be back soon!"

Learn more on Marinas.com

Reserve at Fishers Island Yacht Club

Osprey Point Marina – Rock Hall, Maryland

"Facilities great, top notch. Staff we encountered even better. Dockmaster William was great, and the restaurant and pool staff were very accommodating and friendly. We will return."

Learn more about Osprey Point on Marinas.com

Reserve at Osprey Point Marina

Brunswick Landing Marina – Brunswick, Georgia

"My son & I were on a trip from Tampa to Baltimore & ran over an unmarked crabpot. Tore the Starboard strut trough the hull. The boatyard got us out of the water and on stands, cleaned and fixed the boat and got us back on our way in 6 days. Fast and solid repair."

Learn more about Brunswick Landing Marina on Marinas.com

Reserve at Brunswick Landing Marina

Thanks again to the hundreds of boaters who have contributed to Marinas.com thus far! Marinas love hearing from you and being able to respond and react by sharing the praise with team or working to improve. 

Do you have reviews left to write? Get started on Marinas.com and see your intel appear in the Dockwa app! 


Post by Becky at Dockwa

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