Our Top 13 Marinas.com Marina Reviews: The Good, Bad, and the Ugly

Post by - Published on 11/26/19 16:24 PM


Here at Dockwa, we keep a close eye on reservation requests, approval times, and – you guessed it – the reviews that pepper our marina partners' pages in the Dockwa app and website. And honestly, they can't all be gems: while some are candid and manage to stay level-headed even when reporting a less-than-excellent experience, others can come off sounding personal, malicious, or unreasonable. 

One of the best things about Marinas.com is that marina managers can respond to reviews (for free) to correct the record or – if they were in the wrong – attempt to make amends. Also, boaters and marina staff alike can flag reviews if they don't meet the community guidelines.

So while we'd love to show off only the glowing praises, we'd thought that we'd take the opportunity to check out some of the ones that are somewhat less than helpful in the spirit of encouraging boaters to leave helpful reviews, even if their stay was less than enjoyable. We'll lead with the less-good so we can end on the high note.

Afterwards, put your top-notch review skills to the test by leaving a few at some of the marinas you visited this year by going to Marinas.com. And who knows, along the way you might help a marina you love qualify for a Boaters' Choice Award.

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