New Dockwa Features for Boaters: Our Fall 2021 Product Release!

Post by - Published on 09/15/21 12:30 PM

Whether you’ve been a long-time Dockwa user or are here just poking around for the first time, we’re here to help.  As you're exploring these new features or using them for the first time, don’t hesitate to reach out.

A new signing and payment flow

The new contract flow includes a significantly streamlined signing flow for boaters, which brings every step into one view and gets you confirmed more quickly. So you can get out of the administrative details and onto the water.

new-Contract-signHospitality information

To keep boaters from having to scramble for information as they approach their stay, Dockwa has added a view to access all hospitality details right in the free app. Here marinas can add approach instructions, wifi or gate codes, and helpful hints for a boater’s stay, clearing up confusing and making the approach stress free. 

Marina favoriting

Boaters can now indicate their favorite marinas in the Dockwa app and the app will rearrange listings to make it easy to find them in one centralized place.

Response time display

Boaters can now see the average response time for a given marina, something that can be helpful when boaters are on a tight schedule or just eager to get their plans finalized.


We hope you enjoy playing with these new features!  If you aren't yet a Dockwa user, you can sign-up on our homepage or download the mobile app here.


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