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Ideas for Boat Names: Find Inspiration with Dockwa's Spring 2018 Favorites

Post by Becky at Dockwa - Published on 4/17/18 11:08 AM

Well! We asked, and boaters answered – by the hundreds. For the love of YETI and for the pride of being named one of Dockwa's Favorite Boat Names of 2018, scores of you wrote in to share their boat name, photos, and backstories.

Thanks to the love of YETI products coupled with the pride of making our 2018 list, hundreds of boaters wrote in to share boat names, photos, and backstories over the past few weeks. Here are some of our favorites. 

In years past we'd skim the long list of boats in the Dockwa dossier to find ones that stood out as most representative of each pre-determined category. This year we thought, well, we have all this extra sittin'-around time, let's make picking the 2018 list as difficult for ourselves as possible. Because as you'll see, some of these stories get pretty in-depth, and this is just a fraction of them. 

It was well worth it. We saw names and read stories that were everything from silly to educational, from enlightening to tragic. To everyone who shared their names and stories, thank you. We wish we could include them all, but the Dockwa Boater Blog has a backlog that needs tending to. We'd love if you would join the Dockwa Facebook Group and share with everyone there. 

Without further ado, the winners and long list of special mentions of the Dockwa Spring 2018 Boat Names Contest...


To see the winners of years past and boat naming traditions, click here:
Sowwanin II
Final Escape Plan

#1: The Repeat

Kicking off our 2018 Boat Names winners is a double whammy in the Repeat category! Joan M. and her husband, who boat out of Long Beach, wrote in to share their relatively short upgrade timeline:

  • 🥇Final Escape Plan: We purchased four boats in 22 months. Each named Escape Plan. First, a 27' Sea Ray, then a 35' Sea Ray, then a 47' Sea Ray, and finally a 58' Sea Ray. As the wife, I was the one who said we needed to go bigger. When we found the 58', my husband said "This is the final one." – "Well of course!" I said. "...this year."

Not one but two four-peat entries! The second courtesy of Dave R. from King's Park: 

  • 🥇Bought a boat from a banker named CurrentSea. Kept the name. Traded that for a bigger boat and called it CurrentSea Exchange. Traded that for a bigger new boat and called that No CurrentSea Left. Superstorm Sandy sunk that boat. Bought the same boat, called it CurrentEmoji_u1f300.svgea – with the "S" as a hurricane symbol.

  • bo peep.jpg
    Bo Peep
  • dock holiday.jpg
    Dock Holiday
  • lady lori.jpg
    Lady Lori
  • No Forwarding Address.jpg
    No Forwarding Address
  • Sole Pleasure.jpg
    Sole Pleasure
  • Bear's Lair.jpg
    Bear's Lair

#2: The Workaholic

We had so many favorites in this category, it was a bear whittling down to a handful of favorites. Here are just a few: 

  • - 30 - : The - 30 - is the way newspaper reporters and editors signaled the typesetter the story was done. – Dave C., Springsteel Resort

  • Bo Peep: The previous boat was Sodbuster paying homage to all those who left the cities to begin farming. Bo Peep is in deference to my then-wife who was a sheep farmer and owner of CT Yarn and Wool. She (Bo Peep) leads the fleet and brings them home safely from voyages near and far. – Keith M., East Haddam, CT

  • EffervescenceWe own a ChemDry franchise – carpet cleaning using carbonation, aka effervescent action. Another definition of effervescence is a feeling of exhilaration. 😊 – Debbie P., Warwick, RI

  • FAMOUS was the name of my husband's company – he was a music industry executive. – Marcella A.

  • No Forwarding AddressI work for the post office. When I retire in a few years I hope to live aboard and travel and we will leave no forwarding address! – Patricia A., Red Lion

  • Pro Re Nata means use as needed in Latin. In pharmacy the abbreviation PRN is written on any prescription that is to be used as needed. Amy and I are both pharmacists! – Michel & Amy F. from Madison, WI

  • Scrimshaw is the art of carving on hard surfaces such as teeth. I am a dentist. – George M., Bellport, NY

  • Sharkitect: I’m an architect. – Scott G.

  • Originally had a series of faster boats named Megawhatts purchased a trawler after retiring named Watt Not. Too slow bought a Lobster boat Re Volt. All t’s have lightning bolts based on my nuclear submarine career and work in the energy business. – Phil P., Grand Haven MI

  • The original name of the boat was OUR PLEASURE. I wasn’t crazy about it. We own a shoe store and wanted a tie in to the boat so we changed the name to SOLE PLEASURE and the o in sole is a foot with 5 toes. – Kevin L., Spicers Marina

  • 🥇Monkey Sea. My wife trains helper monkeys for people with spinal cord injuries & mobility issues. They learn tasks such as opening doors fetching items turning pages flipping light switches & many others by the saying "monkey see, monkey do." Rather than naming the boat after my wife we named it after the monkeys! – Doug L., Boston, MA

  • LADY LORI: Named after Lady Lori Hyland who has devoted more than 30 years in pediatrics helping sick children from all over the world. The boat provides zero cost fishing trips & cruising excursions to active duty military & veterans who need a place to unwind after the rigors of deployment. We accept no financial donations. – Elton H., Point Defiance Washington

We loved seeing marina teams share their boat name backstories! 

  • Bear's Lair: "We own a resort and marina and wanted to have a name for our boat/hideaway that was different. The Bear’s Lair seemed like a great fit and it the only boat with that name!" – Rick M., Big Bear Resort

  • "We own a marina so when we take our boat out on an adventure it’s a Dock Holiday."  – Lauri R., Scituate Harbor


  • Gail Force
    Gail Force
  • Lost Keys.jpg
    Lost Keys
  • Mary's Diamond
    Mary's Diamond
  • Tara
  • How Sweet It Is
    How Sweet It Is

#3: The Sweetheart


  • Gail ForceMy wife born during a hurricane is truly a force to be reckoned with so it only seemed fitting to christen our first boat together after her. – Tom M., Sayville, NY
  • How Sweet It IsDoug Travers, Marina Bay

  • 🥇Lost KeysThe weekend I first met my wife at her marina she'd lost her car keys and was therefor unable to attend her friend's wedding. She and I met later that evening (I fell in love instantly). We spent all weekend together and have not been apart ONE SINGLE DAY in 6 years. – Kevin H., Fairfax VA

  • On our first date my wife shared with me that she never owned an easy bake oven even though she asked for it numerous times. That Christmas I bought her one and she was overjoyed. Easy Bake reflects that story and what a sunny day on the water can do.  – Rob R., Hingham Shipyard Marina

  • Tara was named after the Irish Hill of Kings by the original owners. Coincidentally, my husband is Irish and we eloped to Ireland and were married privately on a beach by a Celtic monk. We closed on Tara on St. Patricks Day 2017 and discovered we share her Irish heritage only after we moved aboard. Slainte! – Tiffany B., Herrington Harbour
  • For our 25th wedding anniversary he asked me if I wanted a new set of wedding rings. I said no, I’d rather have a bigger boat. We came across a HydraSports 2500 VX and her name was Mary’s Diamond. I had to have her. Never regretted the decision. – Mary Z., Harbortown Marina, Merritt Island FL

For those still in search of true love...

  • After You is a pick-up line: 'I was wondering what your name was because you're so beautiful I want to name my boat after you. And look I did!' Also if anyone asks you can always say you named it that to be polite and let others go first; "After you." – Steven S., Branford CT

  • Pyxis.jpg
  • Stella Maris.jpg
    Stella Maris
  • Spindrift

#4: The Weatherbird


  • Spindrift is the spray that blows back from the crest of a wave. We thought the two words together aptly describes what we like to do in our 21' Southwind Sport Deck. – Jill H., Anchorage Marina / Lewes DE

  • 🥇One of thirty Morgan OI Pilothouse Motorsailors were built between 1979-1980. Ours was renamed four times by different owners, and eventually returned to her original name of Stella Maris – latin for "star of the sea." – Marcia L., Coasters Harbor Island Navy

  • Pyxis is our first powerboat, having made the switch from sailing. Pyxis is the compass star in the Argo constellation. We are hoping to follow our compass the new destinations in the coming years. – Clark P.

  • My husband is retired Navy and wanted to name the boat after a constellation used in naval navigation. After discovering that there are several other boats in Virginia named Pleiades, we kept looking and found Kleiner Hund, which means "Canis Minor" in German. – Elizabeth F., Gloucester Point, VA



#5: The Competitor

Way to sound fast, caps! 

  • 🥇Bird of Prey is a racing sailboat. She sees her prey ahead trims up her wings and swoops down for the kill. – Dan A., Fayetteville WV

  • Rhumb Rules is a racing sailboat. We have an affinity for a rum drink called a Dark & Stormy. A rhumb line is a bearing that is a straight line on a Mercator chart but is not actually the shortest distance. We enjoy hearing the varied interpretations of the meaning and origin of our name. – Rob C., Westport CT / Cedar Point Yacht Club 

  • Dopamine Toby M., Portland




#6: Goddesses, Spirits, and Legends

Once we had this category's entries whittled down, it was a tough call. 

  • Eolia (pictured above) is the Greek Goddess of Wind. The boat was modified for a solo trans-Pacific crossing two months after the 2011 Japan tsunami tragedy to show the resilience of Japanese spirit. She left California with no sail nor motor, powered only by 75-year-old Tateo Ikuo using a modified yuloh. He successfully reached Hawaii in 48 days. Watch the video of Eolia's departure. – Randy W., Honolulu, HI

  • 🥇Dea LatisWe wanted something different than everything else out there. It is the Celtic meaning of The Goddess of Water and Beer. – Andrea C., Solomons Island, MD

  • Solace.jpg
  • No Regrets.jpg
  • T n T too.jpg
    T n T Too
  • Fighting Lady.jpg
    Fighting Lady

#7: Hardship & Heartbreak

When we first began our tradition of celebrating (and poking fun at) the boat names within the Dockwa boater community, this category had a more tongue-in-cheek title. And while we did receive some offbeat breakup and boat-sinking backstories this year, the entries below hit home. We wanted to acknowledge them while being respectful of the difficult experiences that can inspire a name. 

  • 🥇SolaceWe were to close on the purchase of our boat on 9/11/01 - a recognizable date. We picked up our new (old) boat and sailed it to its new mooring. Solace seemed to be an appropriate name as we thought about the times ahead for peace and hope. – Jim V., Hingham, MA

  • 🥇After much searching for a name, my husband Tom came up with T n T Too. We enjoyed the boat together for a few years until his sudden passing in 2016. Now the name is sentimental as there is only one T for Terri. He is watching me as I pilot her alone enjoying the California Delta. – Terri P., Bethel island, CA
  • 🥇No RegretsMy son was 19 when he shipped off to Iraq as a corporal in the US Marine Corp. He was promoted to a Sargent within the year. Chad (my son) was with an elite unit the tat on their arms – and my sons – was No Regrets. We lost him five years ago, so for him our boat is No Regrets!  – Raymond W., Marathon, FL

  • 🥇Fighting LadyMy mom was murdered during a home invasion in 2012. She fought back and got the murderers DNA under her fingernails, which helped immensely with conviction. She always loved boating, so I thought Fighting Lady was such an appropriate name. – Rick C., Boston, MA

That's right, medals all around. Thank you to Jim, Terri, Raymond, and Rick for sharing. We're grateful that boating can help bring you some peace and remember your loved ones.


#8: The Musician

  • AmbientFrom music from Brian Eno. – Kurt W.

  • I went to Africa when I was in the Navy Seabees I was on a humanitarian mission to rebuild a maternity hospital. While I was there the locals introduced me to the MoJo man – they were amazing... I love the Doors and the mix of the MoJo man and the Doors and shazam!! MoJo Rising.  – Michael C, Hollywood, FL

  • 🥇Three Little BirdsAn obvious homage to Bob Marley, but also our last name is Bird...and there are just three of us in the family. Song is played (sometimes too loudly) leaving and returning to port. – Kevin B., Hartford, MI

  • Quiet Sea comes from the Marine hymn If On a Quiet Sea by Augustus M. Toplady. – Nelson P., Hull MA (click here for the hymn)

Mad Cap

#9: The Fun-Lovin' Free-Wheeler

As expected, boat names with nods to nudity, booze, sex, and gastrointestinal-related overshares poured into this category. I'll try to update the post to share more if time allows, but for the sake of time this is the one that caught our eye straight away for its originality: 

  • 🥇Named by the previous owner, we admired it for years and were allowed to keep the name. Mad Cap refers to a carefree life style somewhat aloof but always aware of what is going on. – Anne Marie S., Brewer Ferry Point 


  • Squalus-1.jpg
  • Take The Cannoli.jpg
  • Pasargada-1.jpg

#10: The Pop Culture Fan

The S. S. Minnow, The Pearl, The Pirate Ship Revenge – we love these names, but were also pleasantly surprised by the new crop of pop culture (and good ol' culture-culture) inspired names. 

  • Boating is and should be a family affair. Our children growing up loved Finding Nemo, and their favorite scene was when Nemo was initiated into the brotherhood of the tank by swimming thru the ring of fire. Once completed, Nemo was "named" Sharkbait OooHaha. – Scott Beard, Sunset Bay Marina

  • As a Sicilian living in Chicago, the name came naturally! It comes from the movie the Godfather where they say "Leave the Gun Take the Cannoli." – Jimmy M., Diversey Harbor, Chicago 

  • Sowwanin II got its name from a book The Big House by George Colt. The book begins by describing Cape Cod Massachusetts and mentions "sowwanin," the Wampanoag (local Indian tribe) word for "wind of good fortune." Andrew S., Gloucester MA

  • 🥇I’ve always been a big fan of the JAWS movies. My family and I are New Englanders, and although I’m in the south now, I cant forget where we’re from. JAWS was made on Martha’s Vineyard, which everyone will remember as the fictitious NY town of Amity Island. I have chosen a life on the water, and despite the amount of time I have spent in it, I’m still deathly afraid of sea creatures! Throughout the film Mr. Hooper speaks of his large squalus (a species of shark) on the loose. It just sort of hit me one day: One must pay homage to the sea and its inhabitants. So there we have it. Squalus, my big 36’ long white shark, can be seen lurking somewhere between Delaware and Florida. – Anthony S. 

  • Glaedr is a magick dragon found in Christopher Paolini's Inheritance Cycle. Our previous boat was named Magick Dragon so this one needed to be a particular dragon. Glaedr fits as he is a strong and wise dragon. – John B., Wilmington, DE

  • Her first owner from Brazil named the boat after the poem Pasargada: "I’m leaving for Pasargada / There I am the king’s friend." The second owners hated the name and hid it! Little did they know Pasargada is the city founded by Cyrus the Great near and dear to my Persian heritage. We love it!! – Nojan M., Elliot Bay Marina

  • FishAye.jpg
  • Beer a Cuda.jpg

#11: The Punmaster

Much like the party names, there was no shortage of puns submitted to the contest. 

  • Beer A CudaHubby loves his Beer and loves fishing thus the name – Trish B., Monument Beach

  • One of our kids was having a summer pirate-themed birthday. Everyone was speaking like a pirate so we got the "aye aye" going. Then the pun came to mind: Fishaye.  – John D., West Harwich MA

  • Knot Firewood – The boat is a fully restored 1950 Chriscraft Riviera (wood Boat)! – Eric S. 

  • O' CeananigansKevin O., Bradenton, FL

  • Oar Knot: Our love of boating was born while camping along coastal Maine watching boats in all the harbors. Our family tradition was saying we could bike or swim “or not” and just sit looking at the ocean. So “Oar Knot” was the perfect name for our boat. – Laurel E., Cape Coral

  • Big Spoon: She's a Great Lakes salmon charter boat. It's only fitting to name her after a favorite bait (spoons).  – Chris B., Oswego NY

  • Our last name is Gren and out boat is our place of serenity so we combined the two to be Seagrenity. – Meghan G., Stonebridge 

  • Seaclusion IIIDavid A., Gananoque

  • Analog Wave: I am an audiophile and love ‘analog ‘ sound. Waves and nature are inherently analog, not digital, aka 01010101010. Waves are analog. – David K., Franklin MA

  • 🥇JauntyOur 1957 Chris Craft Commander '32 was named after the old advertising brochure that we came across after some research, along with my name. "Take a jaunty ride," it said! We were ready after two years of restoration! My name is John T. so the name just made sense! - John T., Great Bay Marine Newington, NH

  • R Lil ship.jpg
    R Lil' Ship

#12: The Storyteller

Sometimes there are layers upon layers of why a boat name calls to its new owner. 

  • R Lil Ship is a 40' Nordhavn – smallest of the fleet, but still looks stout and like a little ship. – Jenna A., Tacoma WA

  • 🥇I had purchased a 40' sail boat with out letting my wife know. After about three months my wife was at the marina one afternoon so I told her to come take a look at this boat that was there. She said that it was nice to which I said, "Good, because I bought it." Her response was "OH NO!" – Larry C., Boston, MA

  • We are rabid blues fans and also big supporters of preserving wild wolves. One of the blues greats Howlin’ Wolf is one of our favorites. It all seemed to fit! That’s Howlin’ Wolf’s face for “the man in the moon." – Al P., Snug Harbor RI


  • Rapid Anne:

The origin of our boat name dates back to 1862. It’s at least a triple entendres On a farm in Culpeper County VA, in the area now known as Rapidan, a young boy was practicing his penmanship in a composition book of that era. The front part of the book contained his almost calligraphic penmanship lessons from the school term just ended, beautiful flowing script with a bit of a dramatic flair. In the back of his composition book was the most amazing diary of the month of August 1862. That month, along the Rapidan River and across the farmland which contained a rocky knoll known as Cedar Mountain, a major battle was being fought. Confederate General Thomas J. “Stonewall” Jackson and Union General Nathaniel Banks engaged in a fierce Civil War clash known as the Battle of Cedar Mountain. The young lad chronicled each day’s movement of troops, adding personal vignettes of the woof and warp of the battle gleaned from first-hand observation and conversations with his peers and family. The farmland on which the battle was pitched is now part of the Inskeep Family farm and my wife’s maiden name happens to be Inskeep. As it turns out, the diary of that young boy had been stuffed between a crevice in a wall of one of the farmhouses, lost to history for more than 100 years! It was discovered by my brother-in-law in the 1980s as the house was being torn down, having fallen into grave disrepair. We breathlessly read the beautifully scrolled text that followed the movements of artillery, troops and cavalry as they forded and re-forded the Rapidan River and moved through and across the Rapidan train station. Each mention of Rapidan was referred to in its historical spelling, the “Rapid Anne River” or the “Rapid Anne Station.” As it turns out, the Rapidan River is also a tributary of the Rappahannock River which flows into the Chesapeake Bay at Deltaville, VA. Eight miles upriver is the charming village of Irvington, VA, where we have a cottage and berth our 2014 Robertson & Caine Leopard 39, “Rapid Anne.” Adding to the all the other coincidences, Kelley’s middle name is Ann, her family farm is located in Rapidan, VA, and while sailboats aren’t known for their speed, Rapid Anne is a catamaran, so we thought it yet another mildly amusing layer of the name. So you see, the name was organically derived from the miraculous discovery of a long-lost spelling of an historical river, with family and place thrown in for good measure! It simply had to be...the Rapid Anne. Hope you enjoy the tale...it’s all true!

– Eric & Kelley Johnson



  • Mauruuru.jpg
  • Pasargada.jpg
  • Cisne-1.jpg
  • Papa.jpg
  • Varekai.jpg

#13 The Linguist

  • Kiyomizu: While visiting Japan I visited a temple that is called Kiyomizu. There is a saying in Japan that when you start a business you "take a leap from Kiyomizu's porch." Translated it means "clear water" or "pure water" – a nice name for a sailboat. – Walter C., Warwick, RI

  • Asilomar means "refuge by the sea," and the name choice was inspired by the late Dr. Wayne Dyer who spoke about the place that was the first YWCA Asilomar in California. – Boni R., Fort Rachel Marina / Mystic CT

  • ATARAXIA is a Greek term that is sometimes interpreted as "a state of robust tranquility!" Isn't that why we sail? – Brian H., Saugatuck Michigan / Tower Marine

  • Cisne is Spanish for "swan." – Adam E., Burnham Harbor

  • Emoyeni is Zulu for "place of the wind." – John O.

  • Kewadin means "north wind" in the Cree language. Originally in Lake Michigan. – Cliff C., Bohemia Bay Yacht Harbor

  • We named our Tartan 30 Mauruuru, which means "thank you" in Tahitian, after going on our Honeymoon to Tahiti. We had such an affinity to the people places and ports of the French Polynesians that we knew exactly what we wanted to name our new boat. We included the local beer Hinano's Lady on the back too! – Jeff P., Redwood City CA

  • 🥇Satori Blue: Satori translates into enjoying life now a flash of sudden awareness. Blue representing our love for the water. My wife is a large reason of why I am a boat owner: she helps me see that although it's important to push forward and plan for a great future, don't forget to enjoy right now. Satori. – Patrick W., Annapolis MD

  • We choose the name Teagan for our boat because in the Irish language the name means “beautiful girl inside and out." – Alja D., Riverside NJ

  • Varekai is a Gyspy word meaning "wherever, whenever!" Excellent name for a sailboat! – Phyllis S., Mattapoisett MA

  • Wanting my boat’s name to be reflective of how i feel about her, I selected Taika (pronounced tie’-ka) which means "peace" in Lithuanian – my family’s heritage – and "magic" in Finnish. How could I not name her Taika, my interpretation of magical peace? – Daniel B., Portsmouth RI

  • Kabunza means "the first" in African Swahili dialect. It's ironic since I do a little racing and I've never come in first. I've found the name inspiring – that is, until the 5 minute starting sequence is over. – Joe P., Alameda CA

  • 🥇We previously had a racing boat which we named Tango Delta and only had the code flags on it. "Tango delta" means "Keep Clear Having Difficulty Maneuvering." We had lots of fun with the name so with the new sailboat we decided on another code flag P, Papa, which means "return to vessel" (as in when the crew is preparing to get underway). – Kathleen B., Wickford RI

  • Erinn Rose.jpg
    Erinn Rose
  • Norwexican.jpg
  • GIGIB.jpg
  • K-Yachtic.jpg
  • OutNumbered.jpg

#14: All in the Family

  • In trying to find a name we thought of using our last name and wife's middle name (Rose). My brother told us to be more imaginative. So we investigate Eirinn as a name for girls has the meaning "Ireland". Eirinn is a version of Erin (Irish Gaelic): from Éirinn and Éire. Thus Eirinn Rose.  – Mike I., Gig Harbor WA

  • My husband and I wanted to blend a bit of our heritage. I am part Norwegian and he is part Mexican Indian... therefore NORWEXICAN. We never thought we would get so many comments and questions on the docks it has been a great conversation starter. – Meghan R., Everett WA

  • GIGIB is derived from my two daughters' nicknames while growing up. Gillian was called GiGi and Brienne was called B or Miss B. Some have asked why not use your oldest daughters name first? The BeGees was not going to happen, per my wife! – Jeff C., Wickford RI

  • With a wife and five daughters whose names all start with K, our life has been a bit chaotic – hence the name K-Yachtic. – Brian M., Dutch Cove Yacht Club, Holbrook NY

  • 🥇OutNumbered: I am fortunate to have a wonderful wife & two teenage daughters... however I am truly outnumbered at home & in everything I do. We laugh that people at various ports/marinas sometimes ask if I am an accountant or deal with numbers to which I respond, you will see in a minute as the family comes aboard! – Dan F., Newport RI



  • Hours Alone II.jpg
    Hours Alone II
  • Bums Away.jpg
    Bums Away
  • Gray Ghost.jpg
    Gray Ghost
  • Finesse-1.jpg
  • High Hook.jpg
    High Hook
  • Lil' Bit of Paradise.jpg
    Lil' Bit of Paradise
  • Once Around.jpg
    Once Around
  • Papoose.jpg
  • NB 10.jpg
  • Legacy.jpg
  • Erinn Rose-2.jpg
    Erinn Rose
  • Norwexican-1.jpg
  • Trinity.jpg

#15: Paying Homage 

Homage-based boat naming ranged from childhood memories to war stories. 

  • Bums Away is named after my father's WWII B-24. – Pat W., Marblehead MA

  • 🥇Gray Ghost: My boat is a gray Robalo R227 named after my father’s ship in the navy. Officially the USS Newport News, the heavy cruiser earned the nickname “The Gray Ghost from the East Coast” during her service in Vietnam, due to numerous missions taking fire without being hit. Her sister ship USS Salem is berthed in Quincy MA. – Randy B. 

  • Old Crow is named after Bud Anderson P-51 Mustang from WWII. He is one of my heroes from my youth an ace with 16 enemy shot down. Met him, read his book, and found out he named his airplane after the bourbon he drank – the same bourbon I drink, Old Crow. – Scott N., Norfolk Navcy Sailing Center

So many heartwarming stories of family members who inspire our boaters to value time on the water:

  • Finesse is named in memory of my grandfather who many years of card playing he finally taught me how to “finesse” the cards. Miss ya gramps. – Eddie J., Cape Cod

  • My grandma was a boater named Helen, last name Elish. All of her boats were named Helish, so after she passed my boyfriend and I named one of our boats after her. – Dara E., South Park

  • High Hook: We named our boat in honor of my grandfather Albert. He loved to fish. He and his friends fished every Sunday from Sheepshead Bay Brooklyn. A burlap bag tied to the rail marked each fisherman's place. High hook won the pool. On the day he died Albert went fishing & of course he was high hook. – Meg R., Brewers Onset Bay Marina

  • Lil' Bit of Paradise: Before my Dad passed he always called Wife Lil’ Bit. Paradise is where yearn to be so named after my Dad my loved you and a little bit of me. – Gary G., Lakeway TX

  • When my father was alive we had a ritual after every visit to his house by going once around his circular driveway, and he loved the movie by the same name. So in honor of Poppy we named our new boat Once Around! I miss you dad!! – Mike F., Rehoboth Beach DE

  • We bought our 38' Sabre in 2016. My Dad had brought me up on boating and taught me everything I know about the water. Our first boat together back in 1992 was a 26 ft Trojan names Hours Alone. My Dad passed away at 85 three years ago, so we renamed our boat Hours Alone II in his honor with renaming ceremony. – William S.

  • Papoose was the name of my grandmother's sailboat. She explored the Long Island Sound and settled on Block Island, RI. – Dana B., Colington Island NC

  • NB 10: My wife’s father was a sailor, and the family frequently sailed through Narragansett Bay to Block Island and Cutty Hunk. With wind just right and calm seas he would say “This is a Narraganset Bay 10."

Stories of reclamation and historical figures: 

  • Legacy is a 1957 Mahogany ChrisCraft that was my husband family boat in the early 60s. The boat sank in 200 ft water and remained on the bottom of the lake for 2 years. His parents collected the insurance money but he never forgot that boat. He finally found it in1994 and restored it. It’s back in the family. – Julie J. 

  • I was member of Jackson Park Yacht Club in Chicago, which I think has the largest number of US African-American Sailors (not boaters). My friend had named his boat Robert Smalls after a slave who had commandeered a Confederate transport ship from Charleston. When I bought the boat I couldn't think of a better honoree, so I kept it. – Mike F., Rehoboth Beach DE

And of course, paying homage to your team or alma mater: 

  • Thirsty Duck: We are Oregon Duck Fans Thirsty for Beer or as some might say thirsty for fuel. – Bernie P., Port Orchard Yacht Club

  • Trinity: After sending our two children to Trinity College, it seemed appropriate to name the boat after the place where we invested so much time and money, have so many fond memories, and have made lifelong friends. – Bob P., Heron Way Marina / Gloucester MA 

  • Hotty Toddy is the University of Mississippi (Ole Miss) Yell. Hotty Toddy gosh almighty who in the hell are we? Hey Film flam big bam Ole Miss by damn!! – Joe H., Ft. Myers Beach


And our YETI winner? Hoo-boy, this was a close call between so many names. I personally love the deeper meaning of the code flags for Papa, appreciate the maritime history nod by Gray Ghost, the perfect family tie-in of Three Little Birds, and the subtle humor of Dea Latis. When push came to shove a classic won out, and we loved the backstory of Stella Maris reclaiming her original name. 


Thank you again to everyone who shared names, stories, and photos. If you missed your chance to share your boat name or backstory, share it in our Facebook Group and stay tuned for the next round! Meanwhile, enjoy your time on the water. 


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