Tips For Boaters at Payne's Dock

Post by - Published on 06/16/15 21:00 PM

Payne's is operated by two life-long friends, Cliff and Sands, who are more than happy to accommodate any of your nautical needs. Guests are provided with free ice, security, restrooms and showers, all of which are important after a long day on the water. Both gasoline and diesel fuel are available for purchase, as well as a pumpout service that will relieve you of any waste. Payne's dock is predominately comprised of fixed docks, however, for boats smaller than 30 feet there are floating docks available.

If you want to experience a little more of the the island, or had a rough day at sea and decide you want to sleep on land, there are many lodging options available within walking distance of Payne's Dock. The National Hotel is one of the landmarks of the island, and offers ocean views and complimentary breakfast. Although a little further from the dock, the 1661 Inn provides free Wi-Fi and an famous bottomless champagne brunch.

During your stay, we highly recommend making a point to see the magnificent panoramic views from the island cliffs, such as the Mohegan Bluffs. If you want to let loose and experience the life of a true Block Islander without even leaving the dock, Mahogany Shoals offers its patrons a lively atmosphere with drinks, food and live entertainment. The Dock is extremely family friendly; it even includes a snack bar that is famous for their salt-water taffy!

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