Why Great Loop Cruisers Love Paducah's New Transient Boat Dock

Post by - Published on 11/20/17 15:00 PM

The city of Paducah, Kentucky is the perfect river-town pit-stop for Ohio River cruisers. With the installation of their new transient boat dock, those traveling along the Great Loop can now take a break from their travels to fuel up, re-provision, and have a few evenings of fun in a dynamic city!

Loopers in particular spend months traveling the U.S.'s inland waterways looking for places to stop, much like hikers do with the Appalachian Trail. When they need to fill up on gas, stretch their legs, or sleep in a bed on land for an evening or two, the UNESCO Creative City of Paducah is poised to provide a break from life on the river. Step off the boat for a short walk into historic downtown or tour the Lower Town neighborhood, known for its art galleries and beautiful homes.

Paducah welcomes visitors to explore the heritage, culture and local flavor of their city, all within walking distance of the transient boat dock. For the official scoop, you can find more info on the City of Paducah website

Editor's note: Thank you to the Paducah Visitorโ€™s Bureau for suggesting content & photos! Cover photo: Vick Patel

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