Year in Review: The Top 10 Dockwa Blog Posts of 2016

Post by - Published on 12/28/16 5:00 AM

We published 108 posts on the Dockwa Blog this year, covering harbors from Rock Hall to Soper's Hole and events from regattas to traditional sock-burnings. If you missed out or subscribed late in the game, fear not: read on for the posts boaters like you read the most in 2016.

10.png Where to Watch 4th of July Fireworks by Boat

9.png 10 Things to do in New Bedford, the City of Whaling

8.png Best Chesapeake, Carolinas & Florida Hurricane Hole Marinas

7.png The Best of the AGLCA's Great Loop Radio

6-34718334386177.png 4 Favorite Destinations in the Upper Chesapeake

5-2.png Tripp's Tips: 7 Tips to Dock Your Boat

4-10.png Boat Names: 12 Tacks to Take When Naming Your Boat 

3-15.png The History and Origin of Figawi

2-28.png Dockwa & ActiveCaptain Partner to Integrate Marina Reviews

1-28.png Hurricane Matthew Marina & Waterway Damage Report: "Crowd-Sourcing's Finest Hour"


Did your favorite blog post make the list? What do you want to see covered on the Dockwa blog? Let us know! 


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