5 Must-Have Gear Picks For Summer 2015

Post by - Published on 07/28/15 4:00 AM


 1. Nikon OceanPro 7x50 Waterproof Binoculars:


Like buying a watch, you can go absolutely wild spending a lot of money on a good pair of binoculars, but a less expensive version will also do the job well. These Nikons were built for life on the sea. They’re waterproof, come with a compass and float strap, and there are a lot of positive reviews from fellow boaters. 


2. Dredge Cam Camera Housing:



Want to use your GoPro to get underwater shots? Look no further than the Dredge Cam. It adapts onto a GoPro and attaches to cables, so you can catch images of fish catching your bait. Take a look at this video, to see it in action. 


3. Flare Kit:

Flares expire and safety is #1. It goes without saying, but make sure your safety gear is fresh and in good working order. They're a bit pricey, but they will be well worth it if the tides change and things go South. 


4. Rapala Filet Knife:


So many to choose from, we just happen to like the handle on this guy. Sure it may be a bit expensive compared to others, but as long it doesn’t go overboard, it will be with you for the long haul. 


5. Yeti Cooler (seafoam):


If there’s a better cooler, we haven’t found it. A Yeti will keep the cold stuff cold for days on end. Plus, this seafoam color, well, it's really something

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