A Great Day on the Great Ocean (*worst title ever*)

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While wandering down memory lane (AKA getting lost in my old sailing logs), I found an entry I wrote during my first time offshore back in 2020.

A little backstory: Each day during this passage, our captain wrote a PredictWind update to our friends and family who were back on dry land tracking our trip from Annapolis to Antigua aboard SV Recess, a Outremer 52. On this particular day, I tuned in as a guest writer to input my perspective on the day, and the experience as a whole. This entry brings me back to the thrill I felt while chasing the southern horizon, on day 11 of a 13 day passage. I hope it brings you a hint of magic, and ocean enchantment too. 

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I went ahead and copied the text below, and included some photos from this epic December day.


Day 11 - A Great Day on the Great Ocean (*worst*title*ever*)
Sat Dec 05, 2020

For those of you sitting at your computers waiting patiently for Vinny's daily update- sorry to disappoint you. It's guest-writer Lauren today, but I promise I'll do my best to keep you entertained.

This fine Friday certainly did not disappoint. Vinny and I enjoyed an epic sunrise to start our day during our shift change at 06:00. The glow to the east lit up the mighty Recess as she began another full day of sailing.

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The rest of the crew woke shortly after. Kenny hung out in the cockpit and meditated, drank some coffee, and relaxed – his ideal morning – before taking over the helm for his watch. And Greg's watch. And part of Vinny's watch. Kenny has been loving hand steering every chance he gets! Today he broke out the tiller on the port side and surfed us down the waves. I tried it too and immediately understood why he enjoys it so much. A pretty awesome feeling for sure.

“Mother” Matt kept the crew satiated with massive burgers for lunch and a sausage-veggie stew of some sorts for dinner. Much appreciated- shout out to Matt.

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We averaged 7.4 kn today, reaching speeds of 10 and 11 kn consistently and a max speed of 12.9 kn. Recess doesn't mess around! We sailed with our full mainsail and full genoa out, (for the first time since we left the Chesapeake?) for a good portion of the day. The air temp easily rocketed into the mid 80s, and the water temperature read 80.4 degrees this afternoon. Yup- we are definitely getting closer to the Caribbean.

I found myself sitting on the starboard side in the sun, taking in the open horizon and reflecting back on this adventure so far. I'm enjoying every minute of it, and I'm thankful to be here doing what I love with such a great crew on such an unbelievable boat.

Our day ended just as glorious as the way it began- with an epic golden hour and sunset. Greg got out his camera and got some great shots. I sat on the deck and gazed west where the clouds developed into perfect layers to keep us on our toes as the sun set lower and lower, changing its composition entirely as every minute passed. The yellow quickly changed to orange, and then to pink and dark purples. The crew here on Recess has had our fair share of sunrises and sunsets out here the past 11 days, but one thing's for sure- it never gets old. I suggested a dance party to celebrate- but the crew wasn't feeling it. Whatever *eye roll*.

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Just when we thought we couldn't get any luckier, a full sky of stars appeared as the night darkened. Sitting here on watch as I write, I've seen a handful of shooting stars bolt across the sparkling sky. Equally as brilliant, the ocean shines below us; filled with bioluminescence. A special night for sure.

Us salty sailors are predicted to arrive in Antigua some time on Sunday, and although I am looking forward to being there and successfully completing my first offshore passage, I'm also going to miss being out here in the deep blue. I love this lifestyle and the routine it has brought me. I love the pure beauty and magic of the ocean and being disconnected from the absurdity 2020 has brought us all. I love sailing. Good news for me: I have a feeling this isn't going to be the last time I find myself out here.

Signing off in good spirits and with a heart of gratitude,

- Deep Blue Laroo



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