How Boaters Can Support Marinas During the Coronavirus Outbreak

Post by - Published on 03/25/20 20:06 PM

We're all focused on getting through the next few weeks and months, and the boating community is coming together to make sure that when this, too, does pass, the docks and mooring fields we love exploring will still be in business to receive us upon arrival. As businesses across the country steel themselves for a financial hit, here are some ways you can show your support.

Note: See more Covid-related posts at – more to come on what boaters and marinas can do to help those at risk in the community and local hospitals, and how the boating community is already helping. 

Don't leave your marina holding the tab

Every week and weekend that boaters aren't out on the water will have marina managers eyeing their books – if you're able, settle up early. If you're sheltering in place (good!!) click here to learn how Dockwa can help you pay your contract online. We can get things uploaded and send it their way so that once they start entering boaters' names and info, everything else will be good to go. They'll be able to send you a simple secure link that brings you to a custom contract that you can sign and pay online in minutes. 


Get some dates on the books

It may sound a bit backwards, but hear me out: Making future reservations at marinas means they get some income now for transient business. Check the cancelation policy at the bottom of the marina's profile, and make a note in your calendar to adjust your timing as you get closer to the date. You can even message them through the app once you've put in the request to let them know that that's your plan – and to give your best to the team. 


Submit reviews

Without sports, concerts, bars, and the like to keep us occupied, we'll all have some extra time on our hands to give out some kudos and feedback to marinas we've visited. Hop to! The staff at these marinas use feedback to improve – and during their extra downtime they may be planning on doing just that – and positive reviews also help keep team morale up while they're remote or on hiatus. 


Share your favorite marina memories

During uncertain times, it's nice to be reminded of the good ones. Share throwback posts on social of you and your crew having a blast at various marinas to give the staff a boost and spread the word that boaters should head their way. 


Like & Share

Posting on social channels can sometimes feel like shouting into the void. Is this thing on? Does anyone care? And with what we may be dealing with in the next few weeks and months, you might not care. But if a post in your feed catches your eye and the information was pertinent to you, mash that Like button so the folks behind the social wheel know they're providing helpful communication. 


Marinas: How else can boaters help you out? Email me, fill out our anonymous googleform, or comment below. 

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