How Boaters Are Supporting Hurricane Harvey Disaster Relief Efforts

Post by - Published on 08/28/17 23:37 PM


The idea of posting on social media about the billionaires' yachts that were battling it out in our backyard while the residents in Harvey's path endured devastation was cause for mild nausea.

One route out of the feeling of helplessness is action, and the boaters within striking distance of those affected have been in action for days aiding rescue efforts; it's been both heartbreaking and inspiring to see.

Organizations such as the Louisiana Cajun Navy have made wake to Houston, proactively self-organizing more effectively than some government/professional teams we could name. 

If you have a boat or a safe high-water vehicle and want to help with relief efforts, you can follow their lead or call the Harris County Fire Marshall's Office at 713-881-3100 to coordinate.  

For those aiding from afar, we're with you. Today Dockwa donated to support Hurricane Harvey disaster relief, and we invite you to do the same. Below is a list of groups that are aiding disaster relief in the area with rescue operations, supplies, food, shelter, clothing, and more. 

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