Free Boating-Related Online Courses

Post by - Published on 03/26/20 14:29 PM

While the world is social distancing, it's a great time to brush up your knowledge or pick up a new skill related to your favorite outdoor activity. Give your brain a break from the constant barrage of news while getting more connected with boating.

These aren't courses on learning to boat or advance your on-the-water skills – those are fairly easy to find thanks to our pals at BoatU.S. and other organizations, and we'll do a round-up in a future post – these courses are related to life on the water and may give you some greater appreciation for the environmental, civic, electrical, and social aspects of boat life.


All courses are self-paced unless noted otherwise, so you can start anytime and binge the course or spread it out over time. If you find a course that may be a boost for your career, consider opting for the certificate if one is available, which you can add to your resume and LinkedIn profile for future job searches.

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