4 Months of The Running Fix Newsletter - Reflections from the Editor

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Dear Boaters,

It's hard to believe that four months have sailed by since I launched our new Dockwa newsletter, The Running Fix, and its sister email, Monday Dock Talk

Since the first edition back in January, the best parts of my days have been connecting with such an enthusiastic crew of boaters and marina operators. Every conversation, every unique perspective — it has all made me even more excited for my next adventure on the water, and for that, I am grateful. I hope these emails bring joy to your Mondays like they do to mine.

Reflecting on our journey together

Each story from the last few months has brought fun energy to the vast ocean of our shared boating experiences and collective love for the sea. From technical tips to thrilling adventures, we’ve covered a lot of ground… or should I say, water?! Let’s revisit some of the stories shared in The Running Fix over the last four months, shall we? 

From the helm

We’ve had the privilege of hearing from boaters around the world:

  • Dockwa boater Mike Topchik, sheds light on the importance of reliable mooring tackle in his article, "Mooring Tackle 101”, and shares personal insight into mooring maintenance from years of experience.
  • William Simmons takes us on a scenic circumnavigation of the Chesapeake Bay in "A Summer to Remember," where he discovers as much about himself as he does the shoreline.
  • In her heartfelt "Ode to the Connecticut River", Deb Martin shares her favorite destinations and rekindles our appreciation for the precious moments spent on the water.
  • Captain Dave Horne guides us through more than six decades of seafaring excursions across his familiar waters of Buzzards Bay in his article, "My Buzzards Bay." 
Memorable moments

We also celebrated many memorable moments and milestones:

  • Brown and Eileen Councill share their expirience navigating the Panama Canal in "A Recent Transit of the Panama Canal." They have since crossed the Pacific and are living the dream in French Polynesia. 
  • Luc Milam, a stoked live-aboard, combines tradition and passion aboard his classic Herreshoff 28’ in "Holiday in Maine."
  • Pym Avery tells her story of stepping up to boat ownership in "Fortitude," a narrative filled with both trials and triumphs.
Exciting invitations

We were all invited to get involved with community events happening this summer:

From my captain's log

In my own contributions to the newsletter, I’ve told you a bit more about myself through my personal experiences on the water:

Your stories, our story

If you haven’t yet, I invite you to sign up to the newsletter series, and to share your story! Whether it's a recent challenge, a favorite cruising destination, or a cherished memory, your stories enrich our community and bring us closer together to inspire the next adventure.

Thank you

So, all this to say, thank you to everyone who’s read, engaged, and contributed to making this newsletter what it is. My inbox is always open, shoot me a message and let me know what you have enjoyed, what you want to see more of, or to just say hello! 

Here's to many more shared seas and stories to come!


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See ya on the water,
Lauren From Dockwa

Editor, The Running Fix Newsletter


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