10 Ways to Rev Up Your Dockwa Account

Post by - Published on 06/22/16 12:00 PM

1. Complete Your Profile

With some apps, setting up your account can feel like a Mensa test. While we at Dockwa HQ know that our boaters are tech-savvy geniuses, we still made filling out your profile quick and painless, so you can get back to boating ASAP. Once your boat details and payment info are securely stored, you'll avoid any potential booking delays due to missing details.

Click here to log in, fill out your boat details, and add your payment information. You can review your account information any time by logging in with your username and password. (Forgot your password? It happens. Click here to reset it.)

2. Get the Dockwa app

No offense to Angry Birds and the like, but we're proud that we've built a mobile app that comes in pretty darn handy in the real world. Months in advance or on the go, you can find and reserve slips and moorings near you and around the country. Better yet, there's no middleman: the Dockwa app puts you directly in touch with Marina Managers and Dockmasters, so you can communicate details and ask questions without having to pick up the phone or hail on VHF.

Even if you're not a boat owner, you can be all-star crew by helping your captain or skipper find dock space and moorings. Download the Dockwa app on your iPhone or Android phone so you can be ready to reserve on the go! 

3. Add your BoatUS Member ID

What's cooler than being cool? Being cool, safe, and saving money doing it. With your BoatUS membership number stored in your Dockwa profile, we'll apply your BoatUS discounts – and there are a lot of them – to all of your reservations automatically. Click here to add your BoatUS Member ID.

4. Subscribe to the Dockwa blog

Now that you're super cool, tune in to get boating news hot off the presses! Subscribe here and you'll be notified of new partner marinas, upcoming events, boater stories, and more – and rest assured, we'll be announcing some very exciting Dockwa news very soon. 

5. Like us! We're nice.

Some days it seems like everyone and their mother wants you to like them on Facebook. But do their mothers bring you new marinas, yacht clubs, and shipyards to book at every week? Do they give away boating gear, weekends on Nantucket, and the latest in mooring hook technology? (If you know one who does, please let her know that we're hiring.) Point being: Like Dockwa on Facebook to stay up to date on new Dockwa marinas, sweet giveaways, and news.

6. Share your story

When Dockwa boaters tell us about their on-the-water travels, we gain loads of valuable insights on how to improve our app to work for you. So we'd love to know: What harbors have you explored? What advice do you have for your fellow Dockwa boaters? What's next on your itinerary? Email becky@dockwa.com and let's get this storytelling party started.

7. Tell your friends

We're growing by leaps and bounds, but it always helps when loyal fans help spread the Dockwa gospel. Plus, the more boaters you get on board Dockwa, the easier it gets for us to bring in new marinas and for you to plan trips. Tell your friends to sign up for Dockwa! Easy-breezy.

8. Get your marina, yacht club, or shipyard on board

Fun Fact: Each week we have boaters reaching out to us to recommend their hometown marinas, yacht clubs, and shipyards get on board the Dockwa platform. Having a friendly face make the introduction definitely helps get the ball rolling! Give your favorite docks the inside track: Click here to suggest a marina.

9. Share your event

Are you, your marina, or your town planning an event? Let us know! Every week we look for regattas, fishing tournaments, music festivals, and more to share with our boaters, to provide even more reasons to get out on the water. Share your event with us and you just might see it in the next Dockwa newsletter.

10. Stay in touch

We're excited to make your boating life easier. If you have any questions, comments, or feedback, please don't hesitate to drop us a line

Congratulations! You can now not only seamlessly reserve slips and moorings, but also receive sweet BoatUS discounts and the latest Dockwa news, and bring more of your friends and favorite destinations on board. We know you're itching to put your rockstar Dockwa account to good use, so:


Get out there today!

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