The Many Amenities of Mystic Seaport Marina

Post by - Published on 01/19/18 11:36 AM

mystic seaport ships.jpg

This week we welcome Chris Gasiorek to chime in on the Dockwa Boater Blog: Chris not only heads up the Watercraft Preservation and Programs at Mystic Seaport, he's also a lifelong mariner who makes his home in Mystic, Connecticut, year-round, so he's very familiar with its quirks and best qualities. Read on for his insight as to how to make the most of your stay at Mystic Seaport Marina

As a lifelong mariner and cruising yachtsman, I’m amazed at how great Dockwa is for planning a cruise. All the information about marinas, including prices, services they provide, and amenities are nicely laid out for comparison. Some marina amenities, however, don’t quite fit within the normal descriptions of services and amenities – amenities such as Historic Ships, Kid Friendly Attractions, Living History, Steamboat Rides, and Traditional Shipbuilding. One marina has all of these and more: Mystic Seaport.

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