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The Best of Edgartown Harbor

Post by Team Dockwa - Published on 6/23/15 4:00 PM
Edgartown is considered by many to be Martha’s Vineyard’s most exciting and lively town, and the Edgartown Harbor is in the center of it all! Take a few steps in any direction and you will find yourself bumping into the hottest new restaurant, local shop or spectacular lighthouse. Discover everything you need to know about the Edgartown Harbor and its surrounding area:

Amenities Highlights:

  • Complementary pump-out service to free you of any waste you may have on board
  • Launch service to all moorings in the area
  • Both gasoline and diesel fuel available for purchase


  • Breakfast: Stop by Among the Flowers Café for the island's most delicious breakfast at this charming little spot.
  • Lunch: The Atlantic is just a few steps from the marina and offers its patrons a taste of the authentic Martha’s Vineyard atmosphere.
  • Dinner: L'etoile is a perfect place for a romantic date night or a fun group dinner with its whimsical ambiance and spectacular french cuisine.
  • Dessert: The Scoop Shack is located right on Dock Street, and has some of the best and most unique flavors on the island.


  • Edgartown Marine offers boat detailing and repairs as well as storage, launch and haul services. They also have a  Ship's Store on Herring Creek Road that is open year-round and carries top-of-the-line equipment. 
  • For the fishermen out there, Larry's Tackle Shop is equipped with gear and supplies to make your day out on the water a successful one.
  • Portobello Road has all of the last minute hostess gifts and tasteful boat accessories you will ever need.

Things To Do:

  • Take the afternoon to walk around and explore some of the island's most historic and charming lighthouses, such as the Edgartown Lighthouse or Lighthouse Beach.
  • South Beach, although a little futher from the marina, is considered by many to be the best beach on Martha's Vineyard. Spend the day enjoying the waves, the sand and the relaxing atmosphere.
  • Take a tour of the beautiful Chappaquiddick Island in either a kayak or a jeep through the Trustees of Reservations.

Before your next trip to Edgartown, consult the Dockwa app to eliminate the headache of reserving slips and moorings!

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Post by Team Dockwa

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