The Best of Edgartown Harbor

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Amenities Highlights:

  • Complementary pump-out service to free you of any waste you may have on board
  • Launch service to all moorings in the area
  • Both gasoline and diesel fuel available for purchase


  • Breakfast: Stop by Among the Flowers Café for the island's most delicious breakfast at this charming little spot.
  • Lunch: The Atlantic is just a few steps from the marina and offers its patrons a taste of the authentic Martha’s Vineyard atmosphere.
  • Dinner: L'etoile is a perfect place for a romantic date night or a fun group dinner with its whimsical ambiance and spectacular french cuisine.
  • Dessert: The Scoop Shack is located right on Dock Street, and has some of the best and most unique flavors on the island.


  • Edgartown Marine offers boat detailing and repairs as well as storage, launch and haul services. They also have a  Ship's Store on Herring Creek Road that is open year-round and carries top-of-the-line equipment. 
  • For the fishermen out there, Larry's Tackle Shop is equipped with gear and supplies to make your day out on the water a successful one.
  • Portobello Road has all of the last minute hostess gifts and tasteful boat accessories you will ever need.

Things To Do:

  • Take the afternoon to walk around and explore some of the island's most historic and charming lighthouses, such as the Edgartown Lighthouse or Lighthouse Beach.
  • South Beach, although a little futher from the marina, is considered by many to be the best beach on Martha's Vineyard. Spend the day enjoying the waves, the sand and the relaxing atmosphere.
  • Take a tour of the beautiful Chappaquiddick Island in either a kayak or a jeep through the Trustees of Reservations.

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