What are the Best Fall Boating Events in Your Harbor?

Post by - Published on 09/26/19 21:04 PM

Fall Events

We're updating a slew of seasonal blog posts this week and next, and it got us wondering: which on-the-water Fall events are your go-to? From pumpkin regattas to spooky boat decorating contests, we're all ears. Let us know: email becky@dockwa.com, comment on the blog, or chime in on Facebook

We're experimenting with a new blog series. In it, we look to boaters and marina teams ( 👋that's you) to relay their experiences, anecdotes, and advice on boating topics from navigation and day trips to harborside events to marina etiquette. Some posts will focus on a specific harbor or type of boating, other times we'll focus on a topic to which boaters in all harbors may relate. 

Talk to me, Goose: share your favorite marina/harbor event below in the comments, chime in on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, or via email to becky@dockwa.com – and we’ll add your comments in the post. 

Let's go! 


Click here for 2019 Oktoberfest events! 





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