Weekend Look Ahead: September 11th - September 13th

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This Thursday through Monday, take some time away from city life and street lights and come experience one of nature's most magnificent phenomenons at the Acadia Night Sky Festival.  A rare opportunity to admire one of the best natural sites with plenty of workshops, delicious food and even an "Under The Stars" boat cruise!  Saturday night looks to be dry and clear, making every seat the best in the house for all of those coming out to bask under the beautiful night's sky. While it's still warm, be sure to take full advatage of all the possible time we have to be outside in nature!


  Friday Saturday Sunday
Weather AM Showers, Clearing up in PM Hi: 66F Lo: 59F Sunny Hi: 74F Lo: 61F Scattered Showers Hi: 68F Lo: 59F
Wind  NNW 7-9 kt E 4-6 kt E 12-14 kt, gusts up to 20 kt
Swells 1-2ft, SW  2ft, SW 1-2 ft SW


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 New Hampshire


Growing larger each year, the 26th Annual Hampton Beach Seafood Festival returns for a full weekend of delectable seafood spreads, live music, fireworks and even skydiving!  From the Culinary Chef Demo's to award winning lobster roles, your stomach will be thanking you for indulging on some of the best seafood in New England.  Watch experienced skydivers jump from almost 15,000 feet and, for those of you brave enough, experience the thrill for yourself on a tandem jump!  If you prefer to keep your feet on solid ground, enjoy the weekend of live music from over 10 different bands and a spectacular firework show Saturday night.  



  Friday Saturday Sunday
Weather  AM Showers, Clearing in PM Hi: 73F Lo: 64F Sunny Hi: 68F Lo: 59F Scattered Showers Hi: 70F Lo: 61F
Wind NE 23-25 kt, gusts up to 37 kt  WSW 7-9 kt NW 5-7 kt
Swells 2-3 ft, SW 2-3 ft, SW 1-2 ft, SW


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Block Island



Just because Labor Day has passed, doesn't mean it's time to haul the boat out and pack up the rod and reel!  This Friday through Sunday, the annual Block Island Inshore Fishing Tournament returns for a full weekend of friendly fishing.  Angler versus angler, let the competition begin to see who can haul in the largest fish possible!  Whether you're casting off the stern of a forty foot sport-fish, or dropping a hook in the water while relaxing on your thirteen foot Whaler, everyone is invited to take part in this lively event (after all, it was only two years ago that a 9 year old took home the gold with his 26 lb. Striped Bass!) To take part in the action, simply register with BI Fishworks at 401-466-5392.  Don't miss out on a chance to take home a long list of donated prizes from local businesses on the island.  Let's not forget though, the greatest prize of them all - a years' worth of bragging rights!  


...And if you just can't wait for the action this weekend, check out some awesome videos taken out on the water and learn a helpful tip or two from our friends at Badfish.tv


  Friday Saturday Sunday
Weather Brief AM Showers, Mostly Sunny Hi: 72F Lo: 64F Sunny Hi: 74F Lo: 66F Mostly Rainy Hi: 73F Lo: 65F
Wind NNW 17-19 kt, gusts up to 22kt WSW 8-10 kt WSW 11-13 kt, gusts up to 22 kt
Swells 3 ft, SW 2 ft 2-3 ft, SW


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 Long Island 



Recently rated "Long Island's Top Marina" by Long Island boaters, Treasure Cove Resort & Marina is far more than a few floating docks and a great view!  This weekend, gather the whole family and set your compass to one of the most all-around entertaining marinas in the North East.  With the Long Island Aquarium on site, there's a guaranteed weekend full of fun events, exploring and relaxation!  Penguins, rays, sealions and countless other animals that call the ocean their home fill the aquarium and, the best part is, it's right in front of you the moment you step off the dock!  Get out and explore the Peconic River on one of the rental kayaks available on site or just enjoy a delicious meal at the Seaside Grill!  If you haven't experienced it for yourself or even if you're a loyal returning visitor, kick your feet up this weekend knowing there's a little something that will put a smile on the face of your whole family at the Treasure Cove Resort & Marina.


  Friday Saturday Sunday
Weather Scattered Showers Hi: 72F Lo: 64F Mostly Sunny Hi: 78F Lo: 70F Scattered Showers Hi: 75 Lo: 67F
Wind NE in AM Shifting to SW 10-12kt SSW 7-9 kt WSW 8-10 kt, picking up in PM
Swells Less than 1 ft Less than 1 ft 1-2 ft, SW


Explore Now: Treasure Cove Resort & Marina  






The Connecticut Maritime Heritage Festival returns to New London through Saturday, September 12, 2015, featuring a range of fun-filled activities for visitors of all ages to celebrate Connecticut’s maritime heritage, history and spirit of innovation.  This year they are recognizing the Coast Guard as it celebrates the 225th birthday of our nation’s oldest seagoing service.  And that will just be the beginning of what will be an exciting event.  There's a Captain's Ball, Chowder Challange, Lighted Boat Parade, and tons more; all in the presence of some truly maginificent vessels from times past and present.


  Friday Saturday Sunday
Weather Brief AM Showers, Mostly Sunny Hi: 72F Lo: 64F Sunny Hi: 74F Lo: 66F Mostly Rainy Hi: 73F Lo: 65F
Wind NNW 17-19 kt, gusts up to 22kt WSW 8-10 kt WSW 11-13 kt, gusts up to 22 kt
Swells 3 ft, SW 2 ft 2-3 ft, SW 


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September is here, which (amongst many other things) means the Annual Maryland Renaissance Festival has returned to the Annpolis area!  Known as one of the top Renaissance Festivals on the entire East Coast, the Maryland Renaissance Festival will be bustling this weekend with the Celtic Celebration going on Saturday and Sunday!  Live Celtic music will be played throughout the venue with events filling up each day.  You may need to loosen the belt a notch; the menu throughout the venue is a lengthy list of indulgent treats like: steak on a stick, belgium waffles, fish 'n' chips, apple dumplings and many, many more. It doesn't matter whether you're with the family and kids, or out with friends, the Maryland Renaissance Festival is an atmosphere that is guaranteed to keep guests of all ages elated and entertained!

  Friday Saturday Sunday
Weather Mostly Sunny Hi: 82F Lo:71F Mostly Rainy Hi: 79F Lo: 68F Moslty Sunny Hi: 74F Lo: 65F
Wind NW 6-8 kt SW 10-12 kt W 6-8 kt
Swells 1 ft Less than 1ft 1-2 ft


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Before making any weekend plans, consult Dockwa to make your time on the water even more stress-free. As always, let us know if you have any questions or concerns, and stay tuned for future "Weekend Look Aheads", including our Southern regions!


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