Chicago River's Best Day Trip: Tying Up at Island Party Hut

Post by - Published on 07/31/17 16:46 PM

Discovering Island Party Hut

After spending a day getting the lay of the land in Chicago, I took a walk down the river toward Island Party Hut. From the water, boats pull up, tie off, and hop up to the Chicago Riverwalk toward the music to find themselves suddenly in a sea of picnic tables, games, and other happy Party Hut goers. 

While 5pm was quitting time for many Chicagoans, the boating scene was just getting started. The docks and hut were hopping with friends, families, raft-ups, and rounds of drinks.

Because of its location and laid-back atmosphere, Island Party Hut is slightly reminiscent a family barbecue in the backyard – except unlike your backyard, the tiki bar never closes and the drinks are way better. 

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