Feature Spotlight: How Coinjock Marina uses Boat Charges

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Louis Davis from the famous Coinjock Marina in Coinjock, North Carolina, is the owner of one of our partner marinas who recently started using Boat Charges to help him safely conduct business during the coronavirus outbreak. 

"We knew about the Boat Charges features but hadn’t used it before. Especially given the circumstances, my staff likes it. We see it as a plus because we can have some boaters come in and we don’t have to have any real contact with them at all.

We use Boat Charges for any supplies out of the ship store, fuel, restaurant tabs can be put on there – the whole nine yards.

We tie’em up, fuel’em up, get’em a pump-out, take their groceries to the boat, the whole nine yards – and the dirtiest part of the whole transaction is gettin’ paid.

Even when they call to make a reservation... Boaters can call in – If they call, that’s fine, we can still take the reservation that way, but we put it through Dockwa so that we have the credit card information there and we can paid strictly through that – but we do ask boaters when they have service to please make their reservations through Dockwa. We just say given the circumstances, we’d like to get payment through Dockwa, and then it clicks, like ‘yeah that makes perfect sense.’

It makes it easier on us, makes it easier on them. Whatever charges they incur the entire time they’re here, we can just charge the card one time upon departure.

Using Boat Charges at the On-Site Restaurant

So Boat Charges helps with all the basics like fuel and store items, but does it help with the restaurant? Coinjock's restaurant is known far and wide, so reservations aren't as big an issue, but that said, "People will go to the restaurant anyway — but does it make it easier for them to just walk up and grab it or have it delivered to the boat? Yes."

Credit Cards Help Set Expectations

Like most marinas, Coinjock likes to make their boaters happy – so if they want to call, the team will field the call. With or without the coronavirus, there's something to be said for making every reservation count. 

Boat Charges also allows us to get a credit card on file when the reservation is made. We’ve always been very lax about that, and people tend to – whether it’s a reservation made through Dockwa or however you obtain a credit card upon taking the reservation — they’re a little less likely to cancel last minute (unless they broke down or something, which we refund for that stuff anyway) — doing Dockwa has allowed us to have a more formal reservation than just calling and telling us they’re coming.


Get on board using Boat Charges to help you and your guests safely social distance while docking, fueling, and dining at your marina:

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