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Keep Calm and Book On(line): A Boater’s Guide to Marina Opening Booking Days

Post by Becky at Dockwa - Published on 1/1/21 8:30 AM

Northerners are just a few months out from splash season! The fun of floatplanning, of course, starts much sooner as a number of Dockwa partner marinas begin taking reservation requests January through April.

Booking at a popular marina can be stressful. We’ve made a number of technical improvements to improve the booking experience, but particularly during high-traffic times there are some important housekeeping items you should check on your end to make sure things go smoothly as well. Read on for some tips and FAQs:

Know your OBDs

  • Our Opening Booking Days guide is your one-stop-shop to keeping up with when your favorite Dockwa marinas allow you to begin requesting reservations.

  • Once an Opening Booking Day for a marina has passed, you’ll be able to book at that marina directly from their Dockwa profile page on our app or website throughout the season.

  • A marina may push back its OBD if the team needs more time before they open the floodgates. Mark your calendar and check back to stay in the loop. 


Prep your account for OBDs

Here are a few tips to help ensure you lock down the dates you want:


Make sure your Dockwa app is up to date

If you're submitting your reservation via your Android or iPhone, make sure the app is the most recent version. 

  • On your iPhone, click on the App Store icon

  • You can update all of the apps on your phone that have updates by clicking on the avatar icon in the upper right-hand corner of the screen and then selecting "Update All," or,

  • You can update only the Dockwa app – click the magnifying glass icon in the lower right-hand corner and on the next screen, type in Dockwa

  • Select the Dockwa app

  • If the app says "OPEN," you have the latest version of the app installed – now just make sure you're logged in!

  • If the app says "UPDATE," jam on that update button for the most recent version of the app. 


Make sure your web browser is up to date

If you're submitting your reservation request on a desktop/laptop web browser, make sure you have the most up-to-date version of Chrome, Firefox, or Safari. In the browser's options click on "About" and check for up dates. If it shows that there's a new version available for download, proceed and make sure to relaunch your web browser so that the updates take. 


Know your login information

Whether you're submitting by desktop or mobile app, being logged in – and thus, knowing your login information, is pretty crucial. For some boaters it's been several months since you last reserved, so dust off your Dockwa account's cobwebs. 

Click here to view the Dockwa Helpdesk guide on resetting your password. 


Log in

If you flubbed a reservation last year because you forgot to log in, you aren't alone. Once you've confirmed that you know your login information, log into the app/website and make sure you're logged in when it's time to book.

If you're logged in on the website, you'll see a dropdown button to view your Account in the upper right-hand corner. If not, you'll see the words – wait for it – "Log In" in that spot. Click that! 

If you're on mobile, open the app and click on the user avatar in the lower right-hand corner. If you see your boat and contact info, you're logged in. 


Keep Calm and Let the Page Finish Loading

Patience is a virtue.

Once you hit "Request Reservation," the next page may still take some time to load as the software processes hundreds if not thousands of reservation requests at once. Be patient: refreshing the page or submitting multiple requests could cancel or complicate your request. 


Know the Process

Sometimes not knowing what's going on behind the scenes can make it seem more stressful than it is. Worth noting: Dockwa's software automatically sends reservation requests to the marina's reservation queue for approval in the order in which they are submitted, and Dockwa does not approve, deny, or waitlist your reservation request on behalf of any marina.

Here's what happens when you hit submit:

  • Dockwa's software immediately adds the request to the marina's request queue and sends you a confirmation that your request has been submitted

  • The requests are added to the marina's request dashboard in the order in which they are received. If a marina is using Dockwa's AutoConfirm feature, the request will be approved automatically and instantly according to the parameters the marina has put in place.

  • The marina then approves, denies, or waitlists your request. Dockwa sends a second email notifying you that of your request's updated status, which you may also view in-app or when logged into the website in your "Trips" tab.  


Don’t see a marina you’re looking for on our Opening Booking Days page? Chances are, they’re already accepting reservations. Search for your marina of interest from our homepage or check out our Explore feature to browse marinas near your top cruising destinations.

What questions do you have about the Opening Booking Days? Let me know – email becky@dockwa.com.

Happy Booking!

Post by Becky at Dockwa

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