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How to reserve Slips, Moorings and Dockage at Marinas

Post by Team Dockwa - Published on 5/22/15 11:26 AM
We believe that spending the day out on your boat with friends and family is as good as it gets. Unfortunately, too often boaters will opt to make other plans rather than dealing with the hassle of making a last minute reservation with a marina. And it's no wonder why. 

The marine industry is complex, fluid, and unpredictable. The ancillary factors that influence a marinas availability, response time, and occupancy are vast. Many still rely on paper-based booking systems and the few that have software, are built off of archaic interfaces. 


Frustrated with current options, we set out to build a booking platform from the ground up. The functionality and solution we have built today came from countless days spent with marinas and boaters. For the past year, we have been listening and building with our customers. Their insight, opinions, and needs are what drive Dockwa.


Today, we are thrilled to annouce that Dockwa is available on the App Store.


Finally, there's a new way to book. Dockwa's meticulously designed iPhone app allows you to explore, reserve, and pay at the marinas you know and love, in minutes. No more waiting 24-36 hours to hear back, no more stressing about where you might end up, request, and relax.


Since we announced Dockwa in January, we were taken by the unwavering support from both marinas and boaters. Thousands of people signed up to join Dockwa, and we found that our mission not only resonates with the younger generation, but with people from all walks of life. 

Dockwa For iPhone


Dockwa's iPhone app is designed to be intuitive to anyone who uses it. Swipe your fingers across our region view to explore our offerings. Quickly determine the best location, price, and marina for you and your family. Upload your credit card information for cashless transactions that are secure and reliable. 


We understand marinas offer a vast array of pricing options contingent upon the size of your vessel, the time of year, and their availability. Do not worry. With Dockwa, the price calculated at checkout is the correct price for both you and the marina. There is no need for the marina to call you back, with a single click they can confirm your reservation and notify you immediately. 


Access to Dockwa

Starting today, we will begin on-boarding marinas and boaters from the wait list as quickly as possible. Also, anyone may download Dockwa today and immediately begin exploring marinas, making reservations, and relaxing!


Our strategic roll-out will ensure that our systems, as well as our marinas, are not overwhelmed. The team is excited to get you out on the water. Please feel free to drop us a line and let us know what you think!




- Team Dockwa

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